Wednesday 15 October 2008

Olympic Noise & Dust

Work on the Olympic site has now been brought right up to the neighbouring fence - and we can see all sorts of activity going on only metres from us.

Of course this has brought fresh concerns from most of the Square - especially from the front 3 blocks. The noise at 7.00am hits you like the rudest alarm clock - and does not stop until 8.00pm.

The new floodlights set up around the soil washing plant bring daylight into our flats at night - and encourage the builders to make as much noise as they do during the height of the day.

We are back to debating the old question: Is having the Olympics on our doorstep - worth living next to the largest construction site in Europe?

The answer used to be yes.

But now we know a lot more about the Olympic Legacy.

  • We know that the leisure pool that was going to be attached to the racing pool has been scrapped. Those of us that had lobbied for just such a pool to introduce the East End kids to swimming - while seeing the older swimmers training & racing right next door - are very disappointed.

  • We know that no serious plans have been made for the Media Centre/International Press Centre to be bought by a national media company. There are now major discussions about turning this into a temporary building. The legacy promised a major centre of local employment - we'll probably get a dodgy money-making faith centre or massive tesco.

  • The Handball Court has now been scaled down. This was going to be a fantastic local Community Centre - what are the current plans now?

  • There is talk by Boris Johnson of siting a University Campus 'just south of the Media Centre'. Well - this is where we are supposed to be getting part of Arena Fields returned to a lush green breathing space.

I could go on & on about legacy plans been leaked out to the media without the official Legacy Document been issued. Is this meant to soften all our expectations until it comes out in Spring 2009.

So - Leabank Square - what is the answer to the question now?

Is the end result - an Olympic Park with no relevant legacy to us - it's closest exiting residential neighbours - worth all the noise & dust?

Please feel free to add any comment about this blog entry! Simply click ‘comments’ below & you can tell us all what you think. You can use your own name, a pseudonym, be anonymous, or even join blogger yourself. The more we all discuss Leabank Square – the more we all feel part of it!!


Anonymous said...

Personally I was quite excited about the 2012 Olympics but as the works started it became clear to me that it was going to be one long miserable experience for us local residents. As a driver I have found it increasingly frustrating.Just trying to get to or from home now takes at least an hour of what used to be a 10 minute journey. The actual 2012 Workers have a total disregard for the local residents, I have witnessed them driving through red lights, on the wrong side of the road, and this week alone the eastway slip road to hackney wick was totally blocked as the 2012 site needed a pre fab building erecting so without warning they sat the prefab across the whole two lanes of traffic and then shouted at the drivers trying to get round it that theyshould find an alternative route!!! As for the dust I can't imagine how the residents in the blocks near the river are feeling as the dust is endless as is the noise in my house and I live near the front of the square!!
just a few of my thoughts.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

I agree with anon above, there is so much dust all over the square, and we're breathing it all in, ALL DAY LONG!!

Besides the noise being incredibly annoying, I cannot stand the dust both inside, and outside our houses!!

I'm glad now that we have inconclusive roof that they have not even made an attempt to spray the dust down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dude

Sorry I had to cycle out of the square when the BBC were there - but I was late as it is!

Please do not let those idiots at the Olympic PR office get away with the same old/same old!!

They'll probably say things like: Well we haven't had any complaints lately, last time we spoke the residents appeared happy, we are supressing the dust (somewhere) on the Olympic site with the latest ZRZoom/43A dust sprayer/the levels of noise are constantly monitored by experts in the field who worked for NASA - all that kind of rubbish.

(I know - after all I do it all day long as well!)

Cut through it all by simply bringing it back home.

Would YOU like to live hear next to ALL this noise & dust? Can you actually SEE any dust supression going on? What's that? Can't actually hear you with all this noise!!

Good luck dude, I know you'll do us proud!!


Anonymous said...

About that thing about the legacy news dripping out into the media all the time?

I thought we were all going to hear the legacy news in Spring next year? I thought they weren't going to release ANY information AT ALL, as it might upset us?

Seems to me that they are softening our expectations week by week, in order for us not to be too surprised when there is NOTHING in the legacy package AT ALL!

Where are the media getting all this information from? Sources? Are these the same 'sources' that tell us the wind is blowing in the wrong direction?


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone

I've just seen you guys on the lunchtime news!! Well done!

I see those chickens from the ODA were not brave enough to come and chat in person!

Why? Oh because they would not have seen a single bit of spraying going on. Or maybe because they would not have been able to hear any of the reporters questions!

Thank you all for highliting the noise and dust increase in Leabank Square.

I loved the 'statement' from the Olympics people! Don't they realise that we have stopped complaining to THEM months ago? Our complaints are building up on the desks of people a lot more influential and important than them.

There is nothing like a full on health scandal caused by people who sent their PR people to deal with disgruntled neighbours!!

This is a great start to a massive battle that will shake these arrogant interlopers back to the hovels from whence they came!!


Anonymous said...


I coulda been on telly!

I slept right through the alarm man! Sorry!

I know youre up with the only sparrow left in the olympic park - but you know me - I need my beauty sleep.

The BBC thing looked goooooood! I nearly choked on my chips man when I saw you guys! I'm gutted!

Oh yeah bruv - stop da noise and dust!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

Excellent, just what was asked, you always deliver whats on the tin.

Susan, there is a chance that the researchers from the Olympics also read this blog, or may do a google search on their neighbours some day, so please don't discuss the legal discussions here, keep using email for that.

I know we've given up on that route, but don't give them the heads up on what's coming.

Good work team.


Anonymous said...

Sóna, sorry I was called in on duty, but we saw the 1pm news on the casualty wards TV. I couldn't really hear well, but it looked like a good piece. How did it all go?

I might make it back for the 6.30 repeat, so I'll pop over and watch it with you before the meeting.

See what it's like in Hackney that early in the morning?!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sóna

Maria just played me the tape, its brilliant.

I know you don't like this Olympic business taking over the blogsite, but no one looks at the other one anymore, so we HAVE to have the occasional whinge on yours.

Did you stick to your brief? There was only a tiny bit about the legacy. I know they edit these things down to nothing, but when the Sky & ITV ones come up, please train all the rest to lean HEAVY on the fact that we are getting NOTHING in return for the dust and noise! It was JUST ABOUT bearable when we thought we would have jobs, more of Arena Fields, Leisure Centre, bigger handball/community centre, new footbridge, etc.

But, on balance, we are not prepared to be neglected neighbours FOR NOTHING!!

Get them to practise the script!! We are not doing anything the pr goofs are not doing.

But it was excellent for this opening act, well done!

Mr Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi you lot

I've just got back - for tonights ding dong - but just wanted to say well done with the BBC piece.

It was crazy watching it in a canteen full of suits - none of them knows I live here.

When I sadi shhhhhh - this should be interresting - everyone listened.

Afterwards I casually asked what they thought about it. Without exception they all were very glad they didn't live in Leabank Square!

That says everything.

Right - lets get to the meeting & phase two.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

Forgot to say, please do not under any circumstances contact or talk to the ODA directly, please only do it after clearing it with me, OK?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Abantu-Choudhury,

We are students at UCL studying the subject Project: Regeneration as part
of the Urban Planning Programme. We have chosen to study Hackney Wick for
our investigation, as we felt it was an interesting case study due to its
geographic location (i.e. Olympic site and East London Line developments),
demographics and the wider context of gentrification throughout East
London. The main topics we are interested in are:

- The strength of the community in Hackney Wick/types of
groups that are prominent
- Community and locality strengths/weaknesses
- Community Programmes
- Key gathering places for Hackney Wick and
- Perceptions surrounding safety

We would also love to hear about the suburb generally such as its history
and role in London. If it at all possible, would you be willing to meet to
discuss these topics or could you refer us to other people who might be
able to help us?

Many thanks,

Alistair, Michael and Matt

Anonymous said...

That Howard F*cking Shiplee standing therelying through his teeth like that!!!!!!!!!!

And they wonder why we've given up playing their pathetic little game!!

Please call us. Please let us attend your meetings. Please come to this or that workshop.

If he knows how much noise came from a lush green Arean Fields - he would know that the loudest thing was the annual starlings migration!

So that was on a par with the noise of a gigantic soli washing plant plus 27 HGV's all firing up at 7.00am in the morning is it?

Thankfully we are going above his helmeted head again. Never again will we have to deal with absolute f*cking liars like that again!!

Sorry Sóna - but to see him blatantly disrespecting his closest neighbours like that brings the beast out in me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

And they want us to 'engage' with them?! They send dickheads to your flat to smoosh you into thinking they're a caring/sharing construction site.

They are now the enemy. We are at war with them. Pure and simple. If you cannot believe a single word that comes out of their mouths, and they're supposed to be highly trained PR people, then where do we take the battle to next?

What was discussed with the legal team after the rest of us left? I think you guys should let us into the secret now. We're aduts, we can handle it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

The TV thing tonight was excellent!! You guys are all stars!!

Never mind the Olympic spokesperson - he has to lie - its in his job description.

This is the first tiny step in the whole looooooong campaign. We will make their spokespeople work a little bit harder for their over inflated salaries from now on.

But - people - we will do it strictly on our terms from now on. No more having to get in touch with worthless jobsworths.

Relax a bit taggerX, you are going to enjoy the ride as well - its right up your street.

Mr Jones

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

There I was. settling in for a boring Friday night's viewing, and I swear I heard someone say Leabank Square on the telly.

Blow me down, there's my flat in the background!!

I dropped the phone I was using to try & find the remote, so I only caught the second half (with some twit from the olympics) - but I got the gist of it. I've lost your number, so can you give us a call to tell us more!


Anonymous said...

It must be such a horrible character trait - being able to belittle your neighbours by lying constantly. What a tiny little man, with an extrememly sad life.

But what a great team you were up on the riverbank. The first wave of us campaigners, relaxed and just chatting, telling our little story.

The whole of the sporting world is going to be so sympathetic to our little cause - they might even call for their own games to be boycotted. Fancy that.

It looked good team. Just as planned. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

The having breakfast bit was a bit contrived, but the rest was absolutely inspired!!

For the 1st bit, it was a brilliant bit of television. Poor things don't know whats coming do they?

I love the fact that they still think the majority of the square are simple uneducated east enders who will endure dust and noise with Dunkirk Spirit.

Never mind our neighbours, they're too stupid to understand our VERY BIG BUILDING SITE!!

Let the games commence.

Mr Black

Anonymous said...

Brilliant meeting last night peeps!!

Lets keep it all on email like today though hey?! Google is too powerful for our little secrets.

All credit to you Mr Law, we'll definetely be putting the opening ceremony back by several years with your advice.

Shona, you better get back in touch with Obama and let him know the more realistic date.

Good one everyone!!

Ms Spice

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Thats it! Keep almost all of this correspondence by email.

Just lets use this forum for informing everyone not on the campaign yet about the dates of the next meeting.

We will meet this tuesday in Mr Smiths house at 7pm.

Mr Jolly

Anonymous said...

Hi Sona

I heard some dickhead lying through his teeth on the morning radio program! Don't let them get away with lying like that!!

I know the lawyer is looking at these 'statements' - but I want you to challenge them from now on. I wasn't able to work out if it was live or not - but next time simply ask him to point out the water sprays or bowsers. Ask the journo to help him point them out. The embarrasement in not being able to do so will be enough for the rest of the athletes to sign up as well.

Just butt in!!


Leabank Square said...

Hi all

Whew!! What a mountain of emails!! Please could I ask anyone to only use my adress until I can restore my dinosaur of a computer.

Also - please could I ask everyone to watch their language on this blog. It IS a family blog - and if you use bad language - or have to use asterics in order to use bad language - then use emails instead.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

I know I said that I wanted to be kept informed, but all these legal emails are blowing my brain!!

Can we not simply get a round-up each week or something? I know that we all want to help that idiot Howard Dubya Shiplee find his missing Weapons of Mass Water Suppresion, but I cannot understand half of our lawyers emails!?

Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

We have just got the updated lists from Harriers & Wanderers with names and contact details of a further 9000 athletes.

Add that to our list and we're about a quater way through. Please distribute them evenly between the 15 of us and we should finish by the weekend.

I'll post the disks through your door at today.

Is the IOC stuff ready to proof-read yet?


Anonymous said...

Hi all

The CCTV tapes of the whole weeks worth of the (non-dust-supressioning) construction site in Arena Fields has now been transfered to DVD. We've made enough copies for everyone - so if we divide the trawling through the viewing between all of us - it'll make for lighter/quicker work.

Sue - LOVE the searching of Shiplees Weapons of Mass Water Supression - please use that for the Gilligan interview!! It's just the kind of catch-phrase they love! Genius!!

Ms Purple

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

Those lying half wits have got everything coming to them they deserve. I know you don't want to know some of it, but believe me, they are so going to regret telling porkies.

To ease your worries, please remember that in the corporate world people have to resign for doing what they're doing, it's part of the risk culture they agree to as part of their job description. They take risks all the time, it's just that they don't always get caught out on this scale.

You looked a bit down at tonights meeting, please don't worry in the slightest, that's why we've got the lawyers. They wouldn't be getting THIS excited if there was nothing to get excited enough about.

Chin up.

Ms Twinkle

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone

I can feel it too!!

It's very different to the channel tunneling, this time the whole building shakes!!

There are two things you need to know about this. It happens every time one of their diggers moves along the wall in the new trench.

So I feel it at different times to Marias and Shonas blocks. That was what was confusing everyone. The surveyor also used glasses of water to show me what happenes when they drive past.

He is measuring the cracks to see if its their lot thats causing it too.

But then when I was viewing the cctv tapes I definetley saw the camera shaking everytime the diggers moved past the block.

Check it out on your tapes everyone. I gave my dvd to the surveyor and lawyer so I'd like another copy if possible.

its nice to know that its not our imagination innit?

Ms Bubbles

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right! This is ALL about the legacy!

We were prepared to put up with all the horrible consequences of have a MASSIVE construction site right next door, when we thought there would be benefits for us in the end.

At the moment, all we are getting is a bunch of fascists waving flags and saluting to national anthems for a few weeks.

What other benefits can we, who have lived here all our lives, see coming from the Olympics?

This is as much the International Olympic Committees fault as it is the politicians!!

The IOC should have insisted on the ODA actually DELIVERING the legacy, never mind the Olympics.

And the politicians should have promised a more realistic legacy to the IOC, and seen if we (or Paris) should have won.

I tell you somethng for nothing, if the IOC had been aware of just what lies the politicians were telling, then some poor (East End) community of Paris would be having all this noise and dust right now!!


Wilma Barnes (UK Evangelization Trust) said...

Dear Sona,

You are saying a lot of bad things about our ministry and other faith centres in this area.

As one woman to another, I invite you to come and see for yourself that the faith centre we have in Hackney Wick and others across the UK, aren't about money, but the love of God.

Has it not occurred to you that maybe it's because of all the bad things you have done that you are now being cursed with all this noise and dust, and your family feeling down.

And getting everyone in the square to rise up against the Olympics itself is like King Canute trying to order back the tide!

You're hoping for a miracle, but only God can give you that!

You will find Him at our ministry.

Call me: (mobile) 07951 282 274
Write me: (email)

Anonymous said...

Oh please Sóna

I simply cannot take another 4 years of this noise.

I really cannot.

I would sell this flat, but I will never get what I paid for it with the mud bowl opposite.

I am so desperate, please could you two come and visit me this weekend to talk about the noise?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

Are you sure that 'Wilma Barnes' is not this Gerogia Sharpe idiot who posted some toilet paper through our doors today?

I think that the olympic lot are pretending to be happy clappy nutcases in order to spook us into stopping our campaign.


Anonymous said...

Great! That's all we need!?

Some fundamentals creeping out of the woodwork, spouting their blinkered, narrow minded and poisonous passages from some books written a million years ago - which of course, are very pertinent to dealing with the olympic bunch.

God botherers - go and ive on an island All together, ALL with each other, ALL fruitcakeing TOGETHER, and leave Hackney Wick to the rest of us!!

Ms Bubbles

Anonymous said...

Hello Sóna

What do I need to do to get the builders attention?!

When they started up at 7 this morning right opposite the block, I opened the balcony door and shouted at them, full lungs.

They simply ignored me!!

Next time I think I'll get the old eggs out and see if they ignore them!!

Its Saturday!!!! I also work all week!! I need some time to just chill in bed of a morning!

Get them to stop!!


Anonymous said...

Hi All

Do the whole square get the letter form those gormless pr people, or was it just the front blocks?

You know, for pr experts, they have a LOT OF LEARNING to do in dealing with neighbours?!

But the I guess they are used to dealing with press people and not ordinary living breathing neighbours.

Whoever composed the letter obviously does not have any neighbours and does not have the faintest idea about speaking to people! How DO they get their jobs?!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

Please could you phone the hotline for me?

That machine they've got outside the guards hut at the bridge is driving me nuts!!

It goes on all through the night and its only a few yards from my bedroom window.

I cant phone that number cos I'm no good with speaking to these people.

Please do me a favour and ask them to switch it off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

I think these re-born christians that are blaming all the olympic noise and dust on your personal misdemeanours are part of the ones who come knocking on our doors every Saturday morning.

Anyway I sent the couple who came knocking yesterday away with Satans blessings!!

Strangley they were not so keen on converting to Satanism, even after I kept them enthralled with stories of my life with the Dark Master!!

They wouldn't even pray to Satan with me on the doorstep.

What is the world coming to!?

Tagger X

Anonymous said...

Hi Shona

What is this evangelical comment all about??!!

Best wishes, Julian

Leabank Square said...

Hi Maria

I'm sorry - I did try to call them at half past five - but there was no-one in.

I did leave a message - but as yet no-one has returned my call.

I then cycled over to see if I could chat to anyone there - but either there is no-one there - or they cannot hear me over the machine.

There is a little office thing there - and the machine sounds like a generator of some sorts for this office.

Maria - I have a few very coldy kids indoors at the moment - so I need to do some nursing. So please try & pluck up some courage & call them yourself. I'll call Jeff & see if he can go over to you while you call.

Sorry abouth the noise Maria, but as we all know, the ODA REALLY do not feel they need to take our feelings into account.

They simply want to construct the thing.

peace (hopefully)

Anonymous said...


Another sleepless night because of that bloody machine at the bridge. Why does it have to run all night long?

Jeff and I shouted across the canal a few times, but I don't think anyone actually stays there all night (too noisy for them too!).

Which is a bit of a worry if someone wants to break into the site.

Please could you call them sometime today (Monday) as they are bound to answer during the day.

I cannot have another sleepless night!!


Leabank Square said...

Hi Maria

Thanks for the call - sorry I was so curt - but my boss was at the next desk!

I am very sorry about the generator keeping you awake all night. I am still deeply mystified as to why they always put the noisiest machinery right next to Leabank Square - can they be trying to tell us something?

I am afraid that they did not even bother calling me back last night after I left a message on their so-called 'Hotline'.

I will try again at lunchtime.

But - as I keep saying at all the meetings - I have given you all the number & a few contacts - please feel free to make the calls yourself.


Leabank Square said...

Hi Again Maria

I jut thought I would get hackney Council to short-cut their way through to the Olympic Enviroment Team......

Boy!!! Am I sorry!?!?

I am not too sure who is more useless - the 'Olympic Hotline' or Hackney Council?!

Anyway - after speaking to a few different people - the one guy who sounded like he knew what he was talking about - said that it will probabaly take a week to sort your sleepless nights out!

Maria - when I can get out of the office again - I'll try the 'hotline' number again - and we'll see if we have any joy!



Leabank Square said...


Like a knight in shining armour mounted on a great muscular steed - Robert Kavuma comes riding to our assistance!!

Maria - Robert from Hackney Council has just called and says he has a contact on the site!!

So forget about the hotline from now on - a bit pointless leaving messages that don't get answered - but phone up the number I gave you all at one of the meetings.

If we call that number, then they will phone their contact, and we should have a lot more joy!!

I'm having a bit of a busy day here, but when I get back to Leabank Square I'll pop round with the number if you've mislaid it!!


Leabank Square said...

Hi Maria

Just got back & am sorry to hear that you have gone to your sisters flat!!

I really did try to sort it I promise!!

I'll try & see you when you get back - and we'll go to the Meg Hillier surgery together this weekend.


Anonymous said...

More like an emasculated old soldier limping into Leabank Square on a cripple old donkey!

Whoever Robert is, he's either had his balls cut off, or like his colleague said, he's in the pocket of the olympic lot - but he was completely useless in sorting out the noisily running generator right opposite Leabank Square ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!

It matters not Leabank Square - both the council and the oda do not give a damn about their own neighbours - and that Shona, is why we've brought the big-hitters in.

The countdown has begun........

Mr Fun

Anonymous said...

Hello Sóna

Well I hope Hackney Council and the Olympic people are ashamed of themselves chasing an elderly resident out of her own home with all that noise.

How can they live with themselves?! Have they no shame at all?

How would they like it if they had an engine running outside their bedroom window all night?

May they all rot in hell!!


Leabank Square said...

Hi Everyone

Sorry I couldn't make the meeting but i just got back (you think Leabank Square has problems - I've been at work dealing with Dafur all evening) and there's an email from some Olympic suits about the bridge being lifted on Thursday.

I know Maria's moved out, but for the rest of you - expect a visit from them sometime tomorrow (hopefully they'll do it in the evening) to explain what's happening.

Please do not say anything about the campaign - we do not want to give them any forewarning.

Sleep tight


Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

I can't remember who said it at the meeting - but it goes like this:

The oda are there to deliver the olympics. They will do anything to get it done in time. They will absolutely not care about us in the slightest. We are completely irrelevant to their work.

Hackney Council are completely powerless against the oda. They will never act against the oda.

We want to live in peace and quiet. We will never get the oda to make less dust and noise. We are therefore outside both their lines of communication. We have to take matters into our own hands.

That is why peacefull occupation is the only means left to us to force these two uninterreted parties to listen.

Sorry Sóna, but you were outvoted this time.

Ms Pinkie

Anonymous said...


I agree with Ms Pinkie! The meeting last night was very exhillirating, we need to make the oda listen to us, and the only way is to MAKE them stop working, and then in the peace and quiet, sit down with Mr Higgins and chat about how we are all feeling.

It will be cold people, so please wrap up VERY warm!

Mr Lego

Anonymous said...

Hello Sona

I'm really sad you're all going through all this, it's exactly the same torture we went through with Docklands Development Corporation twenty years ago.

Be absolutely certain that these people will lie through their teeth to you even when they know you know they're lying. That is their role in life and for the time being in ODA. And I'm sure they'll have Hackney Environmental Health just as well stitched up as LDDC had Tower Hamlets Environmental Health.

Insist Hackney put up some filter traps and do some particulates measurements, but try and get someone else to do it as well (a university ecology/environmental studies course?) so you can keep a check on their results.

Don't expect anything substantial whatever from anyone official them unless you've heard the pips screaming in anguish as you squeeze it out of them. The golden rule is that they will always fob you off with some useless promise that costs them nothing and does nothing for you.

Make sure that you're as big a nuisance as possible whenever possible and never let them get away with any of the little tricks they'll play on you without the media knowing.

It's the truth and the facts that end up sticking in their throats like herring bones. So keep a record of everything that's said to you - it's always morale-boosting to be able to throw a lie back in their faces - and never believe any technical evidence you're offered - they think lay people are stupid but with a little bit of investigation you'll often find that what they're telling you is nonsense they don't undertsand themselves.

And if it's any slight help to anyone suffering from the noise, wearing ear-muffs over foam earplugs helps a bit. You all have my 100% sympathy.


Anonymous said...


Please stick to emails about the operation. Sóna has been asked to stop all dialogue with the ODA until after the Rogge meeting in Brussels.

Please DO NOT mention anything about any operations on this blog!!

Mr Arena

Wilma Barnes (UK Evangelization Trust) said...

So Sona is a man! Nice name for a woman, but I'm not so sure for a man. Well, he sounds like a man who speaks too soon. Instead of a "knight on a steed" (as he thought the man from Hackney Council was), you all just got an "emasculated old soldier" on a donkey. Well, Jesus may have arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey, but he certainly wasn't an "emasculated old soldier", and he was better than a "knight on a steed". He ended up saving the world! Don't trust in Hackney Council: Place your trust in Jesus Christ!

And this Sona is not your God. You all act like he is, but he's not. He is the pied piper, leading you away from the main issue with all his personal, political, religious hang-ups. At first he was just opposed to the noise, now he's against the Olympics itself, next he'll want to take over the world!

Trust in Jesus, before it's too late, before you're all led to ruin by a two-bit meglomaniac!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

Can SOMEONE please shut this jesus freak up?!

This is a seriously mentally ill person - who has been brainwashed by some obscure sect of some seriously misled group of the worlds population!!

I suppose she thinks that my sons asthma attacks are as a result of me sinning, and not as a result of the dust coming over from the olympic site?

And what is this problem with your name? I suppose she is some rascist who is totally ignorant to the roots of your African name? What ever in the world will her beloved jesus say about her rascism I wonder.

Anyway - back to the real world......

I think that the bridge having gone is far better for us.

It makes the canal FEEL more open and clean. I know that some of us were attached to the urban ugliness of it's concrete sixties architecture - but me - I'm glad to see it gone.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary - just ignore her.

Sóna, where are we with the appeal against the 7.00am start.

There is no way that I can afford to move out for the next 4 years, and I am sure as hell not putting up with this noise anymore!!

Did that Kavuma chap ever tell you how we put the appeal into practice?

Oh yeah, and we're ready for the new FOI request.

Stella & Sara

Anonymous said...

Boo to Wilma Barnes!

On Halloween I'd like to spook Wilma Barnes out of her stupour!! Give up Wilma, us white witches are far more powerful than any of your gods!!

Give up Jesus and give your soul to Satan, and you'll be happy forever.

Same goes for the Olympic bunch over the river, convert from your false money and construction gods, and Satan will surely welcome you with open arms. Plus, we will finally get a decent nights sleep and breathe a LOT easier!!

Wilma Satan

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

I know the bridge only came down yesterday, but does that give these idiots the excuse to spoli our weekend like this?!

From 7.00am all day we've had this bloody noise about 5 metres from our homes!!!

They really do not give a shit do they? And why is the bloody hotline always on ansa-phone? If it really is a hotline, shouldn't it be answered immediatley?

Come on?!?! Do you have the mobile number of anyone there on a Saturday night?


Anonymous said...

Oh Come ON!!!

There is no attempt at all to shield the generator from making a noise right outside our flats!!

There is no attempt at all to answer any of our calls to the helpline!!

There is no attempt at all to return the messages we leave on the hotlines answerphone!!!

There is no attempt at all for the ODA to be a decent neighbour!!

There will be absolutely no attempt at all for Leabank Square to allow the construction to be completed in time!!

Mr Sleepless.

Leabank Square said...

Hi Everyone

Great bonfire night huh?!

To everyone who accosted me down on the green - I've just got through to the nice lady on the helpline - and although she thought there was nothing she could do tonight - she said she would try.

You all have the hotline number - as well as Hackney's noise number.

You know what to do.


Anonymous said...

I swear i'm gonna jack dat generator man. when we gonna get sum sleep shona. dat shit has gotta stop.


Anonymous said...


Does anyone have the exact adress of the Camberly nuttall hq for the Plane Stupid lot?

Have we all decided on the date yet?


Anonymous said...


Did you know?! I have just got through the entire Guardian on edward nuttall!

Not once did I have any reason to get up and switch my own lights on. They have enough light up there to see your way clear across London.

Please add that to your growing list when you guys pay them a visit. Not content with making us buy earplugs, now we have to invest in those stupid airplane masks to turn day back into night.


Anonymous said...


When I came home tonight, the lights from the Olympic zone were ridiculously bright… don't they know pointing them in the sky won't help with seeing what's on the ground?

They're taking liberties, this is how I feel, and my flat's not even facing the work site.

I figured you'd probably know (all) who I need to complain to.

You do don't you?



Leabank Square said...

Hi Neil

I absolutely agree with you!!

Last night the floodlights were left on all the way through the night - completely recklessly - needlessly wasting loads of energy - and keeping some of the residents awake with all the light - and the noise from the generators powering them up.

Remember - this is supposed to be the 'greenest Olympics ever'!

The number to call - as ever - is 08000 722 110.

Also - some of the residents who have called this number have found their telephone number being passed on to a third party 'market research company' - so either don't pass it on - or stress that you may not want to be cold-called by this company.

I have not yet found out if this is a scam yet - it's on my VERY long 'must-ask' list for the suits we're targeting in round two of our current campaign.


Anonymous said...

Only emails people!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

The absolute cheeky audacity of them to call you and still churn out the construction comapny lies!!

I can't wait for them to knock on my door!! If you think I give the jeahova witnesses a bad time - wait until I get stuck into the so called community liason team!!!!!

They just don't get it do they? If they lie to our faces (okay - your face mainly) then why on earth would we want to sit down in a forum - wasting more time - getting lied to our faces again?

If the construction companies are lying to the community team - then that's their own little scrap to sort out - but that's a BIG 'IF'!!

The community bunch are paid to pass the lies on to us - and we are supposed to feel better about having met them? I think NOT!!

Anyway - thanks for keeping me up to speed. - hold tight brother - no too long to go now!

Mr Silver

Anonymous said...

What did I tell you Sóna?!?

That nutcase of a christian fundementalist is actually Georgia Sharp!!

I mean, how stupid does she think we are?

Mr Silver (I can't bloody remember who is who anymore) is right. When we are constantly lied to, what incentive is there to sit down with anyone, when they're simply going to spin us more lies?

What they cannot get into their brainwashed heads, is that when we have absolutley NO BENEFITS for putting up with all this noise, dust, sleepless nights, constant spinning of lies, lies and more damn lies - then there is nothing left for us to do but putting this plan into action!

When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. Simple as!

Ms Scarlet

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude!

Thanks for the email! For someone who is supposed to be good at 'Liasing with the Commuinity' - she is hopeless at her job. They should save some of that olympic budget & sack her.

Remember that comparison someone did with the scientologists? Well - that sounds like her in a tiny nutshell!

Dude - these people are so ignorant about their own neighbours because they don't live here!! They're cocooned up in their ivory canary wharf towers - pretending to come knocking on our doors - so that their bosses can think they're down with the community.

No one I have spoken to (only 2 to go) has seen her here once - although I am REALLY looking forward to her knocking on MY door!!

Did she not even bother to GUESS that YOU were there organising the tea & cakes?!

THIS community will never liaise with a bunch of out & out liars!!

Mr Sweet (YOU know who I am!)

Anonymous said...

Hi All

This lot have complete disregard for any of us don't they?!

I know its not the actual builders fault - but they're the ones making this racket!!

But what about them lot in Canary Warf? Would they be able to prance around thier fancy offices pretending to be liasing with us, the community, if they had the same racket outside their windows?

Why dont they move their office into my bedroom and see if they can hold a decent conversation, either on the phone or with someone else?!

We will shut them up good an propper soon.

Ms Daisy

Anonymous said...


Please refer any of the media enquiries directly to me on my email before including them on any comments.

Thank you
Ms Scarlet

Anonymous said...


Nice!! Please keep all the correspondence coming by the emails. I understand that we are getting many coming through, but at this crucial stage, it's vital that we don't let any cats out of any bags.

Thanks again.

Mr Black

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the copy of the unis report Ms Purple. I think we can all see why the ODA is being a bit shy in releasing the dust particle data.

I am handing this all over to Mr Black today, and his office will no doubt be contacting the relevant departments soon after.

The only thing is it might call a halt to ALL construction, and pee the ODA off so much that they give up on the IPC/MPC altogther. But that is still preferable to more of us falling ill.

I will update you all soon.

Ms Pink

Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

Interresting email!!

Not something I would advocate until we have our own forum set up, but you're entitled to give it a go with all the hard work you've put in over the past few months.

I'm still wary of the HC bunch as well, but Charlie sounded rather genuine. The problem is that he doesn't have the final say. The ODA do.

I am also extremely worried about the new developemnt with the ODA funding the env health work. A massive recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Lets have a coffee sometime over the weekend.