Saturday 15 August 2009

Update: Olympic Noise & Dust Meeting

Well - look what the postie brought this morning! A rather chaming letter from the ODA. Now - this - is community relations!!

I have no idea what it says - but I guess I am deep in Olympic doo-doo. Please have a read through it (click on each page to read it witout a magnifying glass!) - and then please see if any of you know anyone who can help me out!

I have no experience with these kinds of legal things, so I first of all need someone to interpret it, and then to tell me how to get out of this mess. Please Leabank Square - between all of the 400 people who live here - someone has got to at least have a friend who could advise me. I am also writing to some people who have helped us deal with the ODA in the past for some help - but surely there has got to be someone here who I can have a cuppa with to explain this wierd language?


Please only read further after you have made yourself a cup of strong coffee - as many of you never tire of telling me - I do waffle a bit!

Comfortable? Good!

What follows is my reply. I have tried to best reflect all our concerns & views over this amazing story. Please comment as much as you like on my reply - but Leabank Square.......... be nice. I am afraid that we will have to be a bit more strict in what we allow through to the blog - so please........ be nice.

Hi Shabana

It’s me – Sóna from over the canal – in Leabank Square. Thanks for the email – I must admit – I really can’t understand most of what you wrote (English isn’t my mother tongue – tho’ even some of the native East Enders here in Leabank Square didn’t understand either!) – but I think I get the general message.

You’re pissed that we’ve said some things about Giorgia Sharpe. That’s about it – isn’t it?

Now – I’m not too sure how much of the history between Leabank Square & Giorgia Sharpe you’ve been told – but – I’m sure you are aware that there must surely be two sides to every story huh?

Right near the beginning of our beautiful relationship Shabana – a bunch of suits and Giorgia sat in my lounge overlooking the 2012 site – and promised me that I (as Olympic Liaison Person) could say to the rest of the residents of Leabank Square – that you guys would spray all the dust roads with bowsers (a kind of giant towed water butt with holes in) several times a day.

In addition to that – that you guys would spray all your dust mounds with some kind of foam (you’d have to ask your suits what it’s called) that would sort of glue the sand together & prevent it from blowing over our way.

Well…….. – and this is where we got pissed Shabana – we did not see any of this happen! We live here. We see every move you guys make. We (literally) eat your dust! We hear every sound (& wolf whistle) your construction workers make! In short – we know far more about what happens on your construction site – than you ever will comfortably officed in Canary Wharf many kilometres away!

I personally made several phone calls to you guys (unfortunately – for her - it was Giorgia Sharpe who took the calls – if it was anyone else – the same would have been said about them) complaining that we saw absolutely no bowsering, and that we could actually see the dust lifting off the mounds right onto our sausages & corn on the cobs on the barbie! She kept spouting the same tired old regurgitation – the bowsers were definitely in operation directly opposite us – and that the soil was contained in this foam/glue and couldn’t possibly lift off into Leabank Square.

Of course – my duty was to relay this back to the pissed off residents of Leabank Square – and of course some accused her of lying.

Shabana – I’m sure that a (probably) well educated lawyer such as yourself would be able to find an alternative word for something that is not true. But down here in the East End of London – it’s called a lie. The person telling the lie – is called a liar. Simple as!

None of this is in any way personal to Giorgia Sharpe. She was assigned to our case. We had to deal with her. We are not allowed to talk to any of the contractors directly when something kicks off – we have to go through the person assigned to us.

So – Shabana – I have 3 questions for you guys in the Olympics:

1. What are you getting so vexed about – when you are clearly reading our tiny community blog? The blog that these comments were made on is not yours. It belongs to all the residents of Leabank Square. This is how we communicate. This is our virtual community meeting place. This is where we chat to each other. When neighbours chat to each other – they sometimes call other people liars. This is the East End of London. This is what happens here. We use our blog to try and change things that piss us off. One of the things that pissed some residents off was being told that you guys were bowsering and foaming – and that meant that we would not get any dust on our sausages. Your dust even gets into our kitchens!!! When people get pissed – they say things. They get emotional. They probably go over the top. But that’s life innit? What are you doing listening in on Leabank Square’s chats – you do not live here!!!!!

2. The land you are building on opposite Leabank Square is called Arena Fields. This used to belong to us. This was Lammas Land given ‘in perpetuity’ (look it up – cos I don’t actually know all the legal ins & outs of the phrase – but it sort of means – forever) to the people of London to use to walk their dogs, play footie, have a picnic, chat someone up, just chill – on. We used to do all that & a lot more. Then – an Act of Parliament took it away to give to you lot. Now we have the most unimaginable noise, dust & irritation. I know you won’t appreciate it from Canary Wharf – but what we have gone through in a couple of years has been sheer hell. Can you honestly (hey – Shabana – before you get all trigger-happy – I’m not accusing you of lying now) – honestly – say that you might not get a tiny bit het-up? You should be paying for us to get out of this hell with regular trips to Southend – never mind stressing us even more with threats of some legal stuff we don’t even understand!

3. The last thing I really don’t understand is why I personally get the heavies coming after me? Remember when you guys sent Sergeant Port to come & chat about some similar ‘emotional’ comments last year? I don’t actually write the comments Shabana. This blog thing is brilliant. I simply write a story that I know Leabank Square is chatting about - I am the gardener – I get to hear all the stories. Everyone else then comment things like wishing Lucy good luck with the Hackney in Bloom judges, moaning about the dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs (if Giorgia was upset about being called a liar – she should have read what neighbours said about each other!), and – of course comment about what hell you guys are putting us through! There is a long history of calling Giorgia Sharpe a liar on the blog if you really want to trawl through years worth of comments. Of course – you’re probably going to say that I am responsible – because I started the blog. But – in a sense – I drew the short straw. I was asked to set it up in order to have a tool to have meetings in Leabank Square – without actually having physical meetings. In meetings – things get ‘emotional’. I have to reflect this by allowing some flavour of what is getting said – otherwise it would be like shutting someone at a meeting up. I’m sort of like a chair at a virtual residential meeting. So – if that makes me personally responsible – do what you gotta do Shabana.

As you will now see – I have taken the offensive comments down – but don’t be getting all triumphant just yet. I am playing for some time to get Leabank Square & some of our friends to get me some legal advice. As a gardener – I am completely out of my depth here – so please bare with me while I ask around. I will get back to you when I know just how much crap I’m in.


PS – Shabana – one other thing – pleeeeezzzzz reply in understandable English – I hardly know what you are on about in your previous letter. Please.

Oh yes...... While I have all your rapt attention - I told you to make that coffee STRONG! - quite a few of these kinds of offers have come in from a couple of TV stations - but LOADS of newspapers. Please get in touch through the email system if you are keen to get your beautiful mugs in the news.


Paul said...

Hi Sóna

What an overreaction! Talk about a sledgehammer to crack a nut! The mighty ODA seem a little too enthusiastic about telling us off. Might there be something else behind this?


Mary said...

Is this for real? Who do they think we are, some kind of terrorist organisation they want to ban? This is all on the major heavy side man. So what if a few of us got a bit emotional? Are they so wussy that they can’t take a bit of criticism?

What is the job spec for becoming a community relations manager? Run to mum whenever someone in the community you’re relating to calls you a name? Get a life!

Dave2 said...

Sona, you got yourself into this bloody mess, you get yourself out mate. I told you guys to get your moderating consistent. I actually did it for OUR benefit in the square not these oda vultures. No. Sort it out by yourselves. Dave2

Michael said...

Hey Sona
Give me a call – I think I can pass this on to someone very good who can do something for us.

Charlies Angels said...

Shona – we would deffo be up for being interviewed by the ITN bunch. Aren’t they one of the companies piching for the media centre in Legacymode? What an amazing story for them. THEY get to film us protesting in fron of the media centre 4 years before moving in! WE get to tell the nation just how the ODA is spending their Olympic precept! Win – Win!
Charlies Angels

Derek said...

WOW! What a crock of doo-doo?! So someone dissed her – she should have been at some of the meetings when we discussed her – she would have had a breakdown! I met her a couple of times – and I definelty wouldn’t trust her – eyes too shifty! What would the world be like if we all wnet to a lawyer if someone accused us of telling lies? There would be loads more fatter lawyer-cats that what. Derek

Maria said...

Hello Sóna
I still think you shoulda taken the comments down straight away. But this letter is such a bulldozer for such a little thing. Is the ODA really serious about relating to us, or do they just want a scrap for the next 4 years? How is this gonna look to the rest of the Wick? They are simply gonna shut up, sit back and let the ODA do what they want. Maybe this is what the ODA want. Maybe they are using Leabank Square as an example of wht will happen if you criticise them too sharply. I am glad the comments are gone now, but I hate that they used this extreme way of getting what they want. They know none of us are lawyers. They know none of us know what to do when a heavy letter arrives like that. Their intention is too fright us into doing what they want. I had a few bullies at school that did that.

Anonymous said...

When are they ever going to get it that they are the ones whio are invading OUR space with all these trucks, diggers, cranes, buildings and stuff? We didn’t ask them to come here. All we wanted was to be left inpeace with Arena looking nice and green. So when I say something about one of them I say it coz they make me angry being on our space. Grow up.

Geoffrey said...

Sóna – who does this ‘General Council’ think that they are? Are they so very important that they can’t even sign their own name? Or is just the title meant to scare the bejeesus out of us? Jeff

Anonymous said...

will everbody just stop texting. i said i'll be there. joe

Anonymous said...

Sona, I'm not sure about "There is a long history of calling Giorgia Sharpe a liar on the blog" - I think it might be more diplomatic to refer to "a long history of reference to the unacceptability of Giorgia Sharpe's terminological inexactitude".

That said, what are the ODA up to? Carter-Ruck's services do not come cheap. Paul's right, it's a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I wonder whether the ODA's auditors will consider this sort of expenditure on community relations exercise an effective use of public money. Do you know who the ODA's auditors are?

D said...

Hey Boss
What about them toffy lot at your leabank square association? Shorly one of them must be a lawyer or something. If they don’t help then join ours. D

Ms Scarlet said...

Hi Sóna
Isn’t this the same one that stood next to you when Jeanette Arnold planted the tomatoes? Actually didn’t she just stand around doing nothing while all her colleagues worked their socks off? That was mean community relations that was.
Ms Scarlet

Desi said...

Sona, how does this lawyer expect us to comply immediately? What do you, me or any of us here know about law? How do we know that it is correct to ‘take immediate steps’? This is exactly why lawyers are thought of so highly. For all WE know they could be making more trouble for you? Desi

Matt said...

Hey Dude
I hope you’re enjoying the balloon ride. We begged them to stay up another 3 minutes yesterday, It was fantastic.
Why didn’t this lot just ignore the comments like they have always done. What is so special about these particular comments, of all the many others we’ve written about her. Why are they so interested at this juncture. Is it because they are moving into the HEAVY CONSTRUCTION (NOISIEST) PHASE and they want to shout us down before we get especially uppity.

Trudy said...

Hi Sóna
I have a lawyer friend who specialises in this sort of thing. I will forward the ‘case’ on to him for some advice, but I’m sure he will wish to remain anonymous, do you mind?

Paul said...

Hi Jeff
Where you been mate? Missed you at the game. Give us a bell.
What actually IS a General Councill? I thought our local councillors were always on OUR side? Why is one of them sending letters like this to us? Which one of them has become a ‘general’ and broken from the three amazing councillors they were? Let us know!

Bill said...

Hi Sona
Brilliant! We got a letter from some mean ol’ vultures looking to take some money from the Olympic Tax all of London is paying! I wonder what Joe Bloggs from Brixton is going to think when he finds out that the ODA is probably spending his portion of the Olympic Tax on some fancy (already rich) lawyers? What are they thinking!?!? I simply can’t believe that these Canary Wharf based ODAers think they know that we – RIGHT NEXT TO THE OLYMPIC SITE! – are happy to have all this crap thrown at us! Why did you take the comments down man? Don’t be willy-whipped by a bunch of faceless nameless lawyers who don’t even know you!

Anonymous said...

Matt, you’ve missed the point DUDE. What are THEY doing peeping on our Leabank Square blog? Why the HELL are THEY spending my tax payers money surfing the net? Our tax is funding just about the whole bloody Olympics at the moment – so I am THEIR boss! Get back to work!! Stop spending the wages I am giving THEM to work, and shuffle papers like I do for my boss!
Of course I’m going to be anon now aint I?

Meg said...

I agree. This blog is our meeting room. This is for us to chat to each other when we can’t meet up. I don’t have to sprint back from work to make a meeting no one else can attend and so nothing gets decided on. I can take my time coming home from work, put the kettle on, switch this thing on, and contribute insightful comments for the rest of you to agree, disagree or just do nothing with – in my own time. What the ODA has to do with ANY of this process is absolutely beyond me.

Charlie said...

Sóna. None of this would have happened if Hackney Council had not given permission so easily to get the road works extended so easily. As I said on the green she got a bit emotional and said something it turns out is illegal. But the letter from that Sharpe person ‘coincidentally’ arrived just as they were offering to ‘talk’ with us. Anyone can see we are being stitched up here mate. Too many ‘coincidences’ going on for my liking.
Why does Hackney Council sign every section 666 for the Olympics bunch so easily? Aren’t they sposed to be looking after us? We pay their wages. I never agreed to letting the Olympics work any hour they choose, so why does Hackney Council say I do by giving them permission? Who do they think they are making me suffer when they don’t even live here? Charlie

kate said...

So this is wherre you all are. anyone wanna fabo with me? we can still chat abot olympic stuff

Pete said...

Now Sóna, like a few of us, I missed the comments, and I think you should put them back up here so that we know what we are talking about here. Did someone threaten to harm this woman, or was it more like a heated expletive? Did PC Plod have to come banging on your door again, or did he just ‘what have we here’ you? I think we should all be allowed to have a look-see before you start censoring us again. I know that you’ve got your family to think of, but that’s no excuse to be so scared of these type of people. We all know what the law thinks of bullies and I think you would have won if they had have taken you to court.

Anonymous said...

Where are your friends now eh Big Man? Probably having ‘association meetings’ behind closed doors, before ‘popping out’ to show the rest of us how to tidy up the square. I told you man, them lot are only interested in the ego of running a community association, not actually meeting their neighbours. When do you ever see them sitting on a bench on the green chatting to the rest of us? They think they too good for the rest of us man.

Sipho said...

BraSóna. Dumela outie! iidaba zikhona apho om Carter-Ruck. Bayasebenzisa W S Atkins amaphanda du PC. Bukela mfuwetu – yaza company aba bentu baphaphileyo. ngenela uxolo umhlobo wam. Sipho

Anonymous said...

This really PEEEEEEES me off. These people have no business reading what we write to each other. This is nothing better than being a peeping Tom you know. OI!! Mr Olympics get a real life and get on with doing your job building the Olympics. Get of Leabank Squares back. We’ve done nothing to you mate. Now Back Off!

Eileen said...

Hey Sona you know whats really sad is that we are probably their only threat to a peaceful build. They have to use their big guns (hiding in the background – ready & primed for a fight) to attack a tiny residential community. There are no terrorists, there are no anarchists, there are no environmentalists, there aren’t even any olympicwatchdotcommers any more. So all the big guns have to get rid of all that testosterone and spunk all over Leabank Square every now and then in order to keep their jobs. Bit sad dontcha think? Eileen

Desi said...

Come on people, this has happened to Shona, and if it was you it happened to, you’d like to know that we would be trying to help you out as well. Doesn’t anyone know of a lawyer to put our side of the story to the olympics?
They will probably sue him for all his gardening equipment, but at least we will have had our side of the story out in the open for all to hear.

Paul said...

How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?
His lips are moving. Paul

Trey said...

Hey – steady on there Paul – you’ll be getting a letter next. Sóna what about Liberty? I know this is a small inconsequential case compared to the high profile ones they are used to dealing with – but the human rights principle is still the same. We have a basic human right to a peaceful existence, when that is so loudly taken away from us, a few of us are bound to get a bit titchy and let off steam – on both sides. We called someone a liar PSHHHHHHHHH – they called a lawyer PSHHHHHHHHHHH – a lot of hot air being let off makes everyone calm down again – until the pressure mounts up again – and we go through the motions once again. Liberty would love to take on the ODA or any fancy name lawyer I’m sure. They are good at defending the little guy. Trey

Concerned Leabanker said...

You guys are all wusses man. Stand up and fight like a man. Don’t let these no-hopers walk all over you. Concerned Leabanker.

Charlie said...

When are we going to realise that the Olympics are just too big for Leabank Square or The Wick? They can do what they want, when they want, how they want, any way they want. What can we ever do to make them take any bit of notice of us? Nothing. They have always wanted to obliterate the whole of The Wick like they did Arena Fields. Why do you think we gave up over in WV? We know when we are beat. They are just too big. Charlie

Pam said...

Hey Shona. It all still comes down to them spying on us doesn’t it? What the hell has any of this got to do with them. I don’t remember anyone actually going out of their way to call them or stand up at a meeting and call them liars. This was neighbourhood banter. The kind of which we all have each and every day. What the hell are their noses doing stuck in the middle of it? I would never dream of monitoring their conversations (ZZZZZZZZZ) – and am so vexed about them doing so to mine! What makes them so paranoid about us that they feel the need to read our every word? What has the dog poo situation in Leabank Square got to do with them. What are they looking at pics of my kids for? Why do they want to know when we are going to trim the hedge? Who gave them permission to stick their noses in our lives? Pam

Dale said...

Sóna. I told you that those comments wer going to get us into trouble didn’t I? I know you didn’t personally moderate them (or at least 2 of them) and that you didn’t write them, but you are the main man with the blog mate, you need to step up. Dale

Ms Pink said...

Have these people got nothing better to do like ooh….. let me think…… build an Olympic Park?!
But…….. oh no! What do they spend their time AND OUR MONEY doing? Getting (no doubt) very expensive lawyers to harass a neighbouring community estate. Sounds like a few newspapers need to be given a tip-off again methinks.
Hey Pam come on FB, we talk better on there.
Ms Pink

Anonymous said...

Sona, you're getting a second chance to redeem yourself. Don't crumble like a hob-nob again!

Anonymous said...

Sona, you're getting a second chance to redeem yourself. Don't crumble like a hob-nob again!

Anonymous said...

Sona, does the blog have a post anywhere dealing specifically with the Lammas Land issue? That's a little bit of local London history that I'm sure a wider audience would be interested in. What happens when Parliament agrees to sacrifice citizens' rights for the greater good is relevant to all of us.

From your experience of what happened when this Act was passed, do you know whether Parliament entrusts any supervisory body with responsibility for monitoring effective compliance with mitigation and compensation arrangements and safeguards? Presumably Meg Hillier can be asked to get the Speaker's Office or the House of Commons Library to provide relevant information.

leabank sinatras said...

But through it all, when there were doubts, we did it………


Bruce said...

So where do we go to now? How do we ever establish any semblance of trust (not that we ever had any in the 1st place) in this neighbourhood spat. Just what did the Olympics want out of this enormous shambolic show of brute force? So a few stupid things were said by us, how were we supposed to know it was illegal? Just what was behind the incredibly equally stupid over-reaction?

Had they just had enough? Have we got something they want? Is there something else dropping off the legacy list? Is there a secret undiscovered oil field under the green? Are they pissed that Obama is upstaging them by visiting us first? Is Hackney Council selling the land we’re on to the new Olympic Borough? Whassup My Olympics? Why the big stick huh?

Paul said...

Here’s another one: What is the difference between a lawyer and a vulture?
The lawyer gets frequent flyer miles.

Sue said...

Sona, I know you don’t have the time to get a full-scale media campaign off the ground, but the 4 of us will do all the work for you. I’ve just called my lecturer, and although she wants to know more before committing, said that this would be a great scoop for some TV news channel. We could all stand at the fence chanting ‘Shut Up!!!!’ and it will look amazing on the London news. Then they will be balanced and have a sympathetic looking community person in a suit saying that they are doing their best to mitigate all the noise and dust. Then we’ll raise the lawyers letter and the 4 of us will start crying – saying we feel bullied. Then Neil will ask just how much money is being spent on hiring the lawyers. Oh it will look soooooooo bad for them, and then maybe we can get a greenhouse donated by B&Q for next years seedlings. Let me know.

Ian said...

Sóna, of course one of you should have taken the bloody comments off when her boss asked. No question. The question now is: Will I ever want to see any of them in Leabank Square digging our borders again? No way!! I cannot stand the sight of their bloody cranes sticking out over your block never mind their sulky faces! Ian

Anonymous said...

This is just great! Another fine mess you’ve got us all into Sóna. We wanted to get some funding from them for the festival, and now they’re sulking so much that they will only give it if you say you’re very sorry. Say you’re very sorry!

M said...

What? Whats that I sniff? Do I detect another bout of bribery going on? Who are we talking about exactly here? Who is applying for money from whom? Are we going to get into another pr disaster when the goofy toothy Shona stood smiling with the environment team from the ODA for photos? Look what we’re doing for the idiot locals who should know better? M

Anonymous said...

I might be able to recommend someone who helped us out of a similar situation with a not too different construction company before. As I recall they had to sort it out of court as the estate also didn’t understand the full ramifications of ‘liar’ and actually used it in a public meeting. The Borough made them swallow their pride before a David & Goliath situation engulfed the whole Kings Cross area. I will send details to the contact email – but please confirm what I ask in the email first.

Pete said...

Hi Sóna, which reminds me, what is Hackney Council saying about this situation? After all it was sparked by their stupid section 61 allowing work to continue after agreed hours, in the flyer signed by Giorgia Sharpe. Whoever the idiot (sorry – community welfare unaware person) is who gave permission should be answerable to us as well. Try and find out just exactly who signed the section 61 that happily came out at the same time as Girogia’s email. They probably have no idea what tensions they raised with the flick of a bic. Actually – knowing Hackney Council as I do, they probably don’t give a fig anyway!

Debs said...

Hi Sona.
I’m sorry to re-raise a point made a few times, but I am appalled that the ODA reads our blog. I have always thought of it as our garden fence. A place where we can have a natter about anything that comes up. I am definitely not alone in this, as evidenced this morning on the green. So what is the ODA doing butting into our natter? It’s like ‘him from number 256’ coming in and butting in to a chat I’m having with April and getting the hump cos he doesn’t like what he hears.
I find this utterly unacceptable that they can behave like that. Is there any way we can get a police order to make them stop eavesdropping?

Anonymous said...

Oh NOW you want help! Why didn’t you talk to us when the manager called you? I could have told you to forget about your sensitivity about censoring us, and just take the offending comments away. But, Oh No, you have to stay up on top of the bug old horse and not ask for any help hey? Well, look where that’s got you.

Betsy said...

Hello Sona. Please know that we support you all the way from across Berkshire Road. The noise isn’t as much as in Leabank Square, but the dust is unbearable. I will forward you request to the TRA next week and see if anyone knows a good lawyer to help you out. Keep up the gardening. The sunflowers look beautiful from my balcony.

D said...

Sona, I know nothing about that law, but I think these olympic people don’t have a leg to stand on mate. You didn’t write the stuff – we all know who did – and you didn’t pass them comments – I know who did. Let them sue you and we will all kick up such a stink them runners will have to wear masks like in china. It would be kinda fun protesting outside the courthouse with banners – free the Leabank Square One! D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna
Trudy just called to tell me about this farce. We all know that lay people don’t fully understand the letter of the law – but technically Giorgia Sharpe might not have been lying. If she was told by Skanska that they were definitely doing dust suppression and watering the roads, and spraying the mounds, etc – and she believed they were telling the truth, she could have passed a lie on unwittingly. Of course you will never know who was lying, but you cannot call someone a liar unless you have concrete proof that they actually told one directly to you. Having said all that, any judge with a tiny bit of nous (and there are some) will laugh this case straight out of court, and probably have a few choice words with the ODA.

Pinkie said...

Shona, I tell you the first olympic person to come knocking on my door is gonna get the shouting match from hell. Where are they getting off on telling us what we can and cannot say to each other? Whats it got to do with them what I say to the rest of Leabank. They have got me hackles right up and I will give them as much as they are giving us with these lawers.

Anonymous said...

What does Shabana mean?

Matt said...

Hello Sóna. It will be very interesting to see what they intend to do now that they have won. They made us censor each other with very aggressive threatening legal letters, so are they going to strut around lording it over us for the rest of their lives? They SAY that they are community relations experts, but is trampling us into the dirt in order to relate to us really the best way to go about it? I look forward to their next move.

Tom said...

It was plain wrong to say those things about their worker. And it was plain wrong of you moderators to allow the comments up. But we should all not put Sona in the position of deciding what to print and what not to. Hes a decent enough fella, so just write decent things about the topics everyone. He should not be put in the position of having to decide weather something is leagal or not. We should just make it easy for them to allow everything commented on. Tom

Mike said...

Hi Sóna
In the whole scheme of things, the ODA is only going to be here for a couple of minutes. They are just a blink in our neighbourhoods eye. Treat us craply and then move on to the next construction site. They will all be working elsewhere shortly making another neighbourhoods life as miserable as ours. Don’t feel even slightly guilty about treating any of them as craply as they treat us. They probably do not give a seconds thought to the dust we swallow and noise that disrupts our evenings after they have clocked off. We, of course live here, and we are going to be here for ever. Lets just care about each others feelings, and not spare a second thought about their feelings AT ALL!

Dirk said...

This is one of them playground fights innit? Your lying! No, your lying. No, your lying. No…….
Well, I’ve got new news for you Mr Olympics……….
We are not lying about the clouds of dust coming over from your construction site into our Leabank Square.
We are not lying about Gunatanamo Rock-Music-Torture levels of noise blasting our ears the whole day long.
Why would WE lie Mr Olympics?

Anonymous said...

D-“Toffy lot” ?- Don’t judge people you don’t know.

Anonymous – I’m totally with Sona, I think it’s really OTT of the ODA and out of order that he’s held responsible for other peoples comments or that they’re actually bothered about comments on the blog at all. I know and speak to plenty of my neighbours thanks, I find it really offensive that you imply that being part of an association we think we’re better than anyone else, that is not the case at all, we’re just trying to help make the Square a nicer place to live, talking of closed doors you could’ve come out and talked to us or would you rather hide behind your anonymous name?


Matthew Cain said...

To Paul's comment @ 15.56: the letter is signed by a legal counsel (ie adviser) not council (as in local authority).

Anonymous said...

Leabank Square - a word of warning, we had a similar thing with an animal rights website a few years back. Once something is published then it is the reponsibility of the owner to make sure it isn't slander or hate inciting. Otherwise you could feel the strong arm of the law. And those Olympic folk will have much better legal eagles than you can get. Keep comments to the garden fence. Jonny D.

Anonymous said...

Hello Leabank Sqaure! I don't live with you guys but have been following your blog, and think that the sense of community you guys clearly have should be the envy of all...

I work in law, but wish to remain anonymous, but want to let you guys know that you have my full support. However, you MUST be careful - a couple of people on here have said 'what right does the ODA have reading and acting on our posts?' Well, the way the law sees it is this; everything you write on the internet is classed as being 'in the public domain', that is to say, accessible to anyone and everyone. Furthermore, the ODA could point out that you actively encourage non-Leabank Sq residents to read your blog because you advertise it's address (painted on the river bank). Therefore what you write on here is not between residents but between yourselves and the rest of the world. So if you say "We think the ODA are lying" on here, you are making that statement to the whole world in the eyes of the law.

Point 2; if someone writes that someone is a liar without substantiating that claim (ie. having cast-iron proof), that person can sue for defamation of character (that is to say, sue someone for misinformation, ie calling someone a liar without proof) Does anyone remember when Tom Cruise sued a newspaper for calling him gay without proof - it's the same thing. Doesn't matter if he is gay or not, without proof you can't make claims like that in the public domain - ergo, you can't call this ODA bod a liar in the public domain (ie on you blog) without cast-iron proof (not heresay, but written, documented proof) Therefore, this ODA person can sue you - and sue Shona as the publisher of a blog which perpetuated this unsubstantiated claim.

I totally support you guys - whilst I'm excited about the Olympics and some of the regeneration work I think the ODA should be playing nice to it's neighbours. I would advise that you keep on with your campaign but make sure that you are very careful and very co-ordinated. The media are getting excited because the threat of legal action against you makes it a 'hotter' story, but trust me when I tell you that they are not supportive people - if one of you (Shona, for example) ends up in court, it only makes it a juicier story for them - once the story is over they'll move on and forget about you - don't for a minute think that they would pay your fees or help you clear your name. All I am saying is this; keep close to one another, manage your media presence carefully and BE CAREFUL! That's not to say stop your campaign, by all means give 'em hell - just don't end up with a criminal record or bankruptcy as a consequence - it just aint worth it!

Good luck!


Unknown said...

Don't give up the fight - the blogosphere is behind you.

It is downright sinister that they are throwing the legal heavymob at you.

One piece of advice though - avoid the personal attacks. Ms 'x' is just doing her job - imagine if you got slated in a public forum for what you do day-to-day - not very nice!

Attack the company and the senior management - the poor was probably just doing what her managers told her to. Take this fight to a higher level - in particular your MP should be fighting this corner for you - have you got them involved?

Anonymous said...

It seems that there are 2 sides to this: one side says that they're spraying, the other says they aren't. Why not spend £20 on a webcam and leave it running for a week (preferably with the time/date stamp on the video) and then publish the result. Maybe on YouTube. That should prove it one way or the other..

Anonymous said...

What are the local council doing for you?
If a neighbour (ODA)is causing you a nusience, then the council is legally obliged to step in to stop this activity, if you have complained to them.
This applies to noise, light, dust etc.
The council should also take steps to monitor the alleged nuisance to prove the truth or otherwise of the complaints.
Best of luck.
Joe from Brixton, whoes taxes are paying for the expensive suits to harrass you