Monday, 24 November 2008

Hackney in Bloom

There have been loads of residents suggesting that Leabank Square enter into the 'Hackney In Bloom' competition next year.

What does everyone think?

We have some of the most talented gardeners living right amongst us all here, and if they all put their heads together, we should do quite well. The most often suggested theme is 'recycled' which seems like a great subject to tackle.

Please could anyone who is interested in entering Leabank Square into this annual competition - leave a comment - or send an email.


Su said...

Hi Sóna

Excellent idea!!! And I love the idea of it being a recycled garden!!

There is so much to play with, please lets chat more about this!! We may not win, but we will have such a lot of fun doing it!!


Mary said...


It is so difficult to think of summer at this time of year!

I am sure that if you pitch this to us closer to the spring, we'll all be jumping at the chance to get our gardens going.

I personally think you're mad when I look out of my window and see you pottering about in zero temperatures!!

But it IS lovely to see some of this years flowers up on the blog - thanks.


Mo said...

Hi Sóna

We will definetely win!!

Especially if the neighbour who planted those fantastic Sunflowers near the entrance does more of the same next spring!!

I've only got a tiny window box, but I'll do my best as well.