Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Weekends on Leabank Square Riverbank

One of the perks of doing the garden up on the Leabank Square Riverbank - is hearing the most amazing comments from everyone who passes us.

The best are when the ramblers see the Gardening Club at work - keep up the good work - the best garden along the Lea - good to see 'em starting off young - thanks for making our journey so lovely!

We are very used to hearing these - & many more positive comments - from the ramblers, cyclists, joggers, buggy pushers, dog walkers & boat crews - but even the rowers are now starting to give us compliments.

Now - if you consider just how tired & concentrated these athletes must be - the fact that they throw us the odd flattering comment is amazing. On the day of the Hackney Wick Festival - several of them even came for cream teas after their training.

Welcome to Leabank Square!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Stunning Leabank Square Sunset

I know that we all feel a bit down at this time of year. The nights are drawing in, the temperature goes down a notch daily, and the garden starts to hibernate.

But it does mean we get some spectacular sunsets!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Well Done Leabank Square!!

Pic: Z

Pic: Z

Pic: Z

Pic: Z

For the second year in a row - the sun shone down warmly & brightly on Leabank Square during the Hackney Wick Festival!!

What a lovely day! Judging by the wide smiles - everyone who visited Leabank Square had a great time.

Thanks to Real & Tracie for organising this amazing event - we really had a lovely day!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Isabelle's Fantastic Pics!

Just to wet your appetite for this Saturdays Festival - take a look at Isabelle's beautiful pics.

Isabelle - thanks for sending them through to the blog - lets hope more of our neighbours send their pics to put up here as well - particularly of the festival!!

Last Chance to See Lesney's

As you all probably know, Maria & a few other residents used to work in the old Matchbox factory down the road. She has regaled us with many stories of how all the women were bussed in to the factory each day - and made those fantastic cars we all played with as kids.

Well - the old building is starting to be demolished in a few days time. It's been our neighbour for so long - it's difficult to imagine it gone!

But - in its place will be the new fantastic artists development! Their will be hundreds of new brilliant neighbours - and loads of them will be artists moving into the studio live/work units that London & Quadrant will be managing.

This is a great thing for the Wick! Remember that once the Olympics are over - the International Press Centre & International Broadcast Centre (opposite us) will be ripe for similar artistic studios. Hackney Wick is fast becoming the greatest Art Quarter in Europe!! And here is us - smack bang in the middle of it all!!

Aaaaaanyway - please take a stroll along the canal to see the last few days of the old Lesney factory. Say a final thanks to Mary & all who helped make kids lives - all over the world - so happy!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hackney Wick Festival 2009

Please remember to put next Saturday 26th September in your diary!! It's the annual Hackney Wick Festival!!!!

We all remember what an amazing time we had last year - and this year it'll be bigger & better!!

Leabank Square - as always - is hosting the more exciting parts of the day. For those of you that have been around the corner to the Mile End Climbing Centre - well - this Saturday - they are coming to us! They are bringing their mobile climbing wall to Leabank Square.

Real is bringing her incredible dance group - Mezmorize to our green. Some of us have had the pleasure of seeing them rehearse - and believe me - we are all in for an amazing treat.

The Wii fit bus will also be parked in our car park - so please come & watch all your parents make idiots of themselves.

The Leabank Square Riverbank Garden will be having an open day - so come & chill out along the waterside with a cuppa.

Then remember there will be many stalls to browse along.

Of course - this is just the Leabank Square part of the festival - there is still the whole of Hackney Wick to walk around and take in. The most important thing to do though - is to stop & chat to the rest of your neighbours. This is the whole point of the festival. We all get the chance to have a natter.

For much more info - please visit: