Sunday, 12 December 2010

Leabank Square Re-Cycle Centre

For the past few weeks - some residents (& our friends the fly-tippers) have been dumping household junk around the Leabank Square Re-Cycle Centre.

This has led to it being overrun with rats & assorted other vermin. And it has been such a horrible sight for everyone to see.

The Hackney Council Re-Cycle truck then refused to return the bins back to their rightful place - and when I spoke to them last week - they said that they wouldn't until it was all cleared up.

I cleared & swept up today - and it looks a whole heap better - so hopefully we will have a regular service from now on.

But please could we all put any re-cycling actually inside the bins from now on. All the aluminium take-out boxes & cans were still caked in food (hence the vermin) - and there was loads of stuff that are not actually re-cyclable.

And then - of course there was all the fly-tipped stuff as well. For that we just have to be a bit more vigilant. If you ever see any of these vans dumping stuff anywhere in our square - see if you can snap a pic. If we put evidence up here on the blog - maybe a bit of naming & shaming might do the trick.


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Berkshire Road re-Surface

A we all know - our road is getting a make-over. The council is being very busy re-surfacing Berkshire Road to make it a smoother more pleasant cycle along.

But - it is also in preparation for the Controlled Parking Zone which will be marked out when the asphalting has finished.

Remember the survey back in January? - well this is the result.

The whole of Berkshire Road - and it's extensions - Osborne & Wallis Roads - are to be yellow lined with residents parking spaces. This is to make sure that none of the Olympic workers will use our neighbourhood to park in.

One of the outcomes - is that they start using Leabank Square to park in. So we all need to be more vigilant and take details of anyone abusing our own car park.

Anyhow - I speak as a cyclist - and I for one will enjoy a smoother ride to & from work each day - so thank you Hackney Council.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Room to Rent in Leabank Square

This blog gets requests all the time from people all over London - looking to move into our lovely square. Well this time - we have an appeal from the square - looking for a new neighbour.

Two of our lovely residents are looking for a 3rd female to share one of the flats in block 34-45.

It's a double room - and they're looking for a creative type as they're creative as well.

Please see: for more info - and if you're interested - come & have a look.

Together we will all populate Leabank Square with the loveliest people!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Leabank Square Festive Lights Look Stunning!!!

Pic: Z
Pic: Z
Pic: Z

A MASSIVE thanks to 'Z' for bringing loads of festive cheer into Leabank Square again!!

At around this time every year 'Z' treats the rest of us to a stunning Xmas display. Each & every year she outdoes herself - and makes our winter celebrations that much more special!