Thursday, 14 July 2011

Art for Leabank Square Green

Have you seen the very clever art exhibition on our green?

At 1st glance it might just seem to be an orange plank - until you take a walk around the rest of Hackney Wick & Fish Island.

You will notice a few more orange pieces dotted all around the streets.

They are the work of the brilliant new artist Rowan Durrant. He has identified a few places where something has just been neglected - and has put them right - but in orange.

We all know that PMMS have completely neglected Leabank Square for years - and have left some parts to rot away and decay. For this privilege - we have paid them shedloads of 'service' charge. The bench on the green has been broken for 3 years - and despite several attempts to get them to fix it - it takes an artist who doesn't even live here - to get it done.

He's done the same in a few other spots around our streets. Signs the councils have just left broken - 'street furniture' the authorities have just never bothered to replace, rails etc.
So whether you see our new installation as art, a message to some one in so called authority that they have failed, an audit of how western 'civilisation' is just not bothered - whatever your take is - just get out there and do it!!

Make your own art!

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Matt said...

What does it all mean?!

Anna said...

Just noticed it. I was wondering what you all were discussing around the bench the other night? It looks like a mobile phone advert.

Fiona said...

I saw it on the way out this morning and did a double take. Just had to check up the blog 1st thing at work.

I think pmms should be ashamed of themselves. How about asking Rowan to paint all the other neglected & broken parts of LBS orange?

No wait! Then we'll be living on a completely orange estate!!

Anonymous said...


Tony said...

Yes but is it art?

Anonymous said...

Leabank Square has been Tangoed!

Fiona said...

Sóna please could we paint all the cars that park on the entrance sidewalk - orange as well? I'll go halvies on a massive tin of orange paint!

Nail fungus said...

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cammy said...

Nice blog post there. Beautiful places are good for health.

Anonymous said...

Can you get him to tackle the Media Centre?