Tuesday, 2 August 2011

BBCs Adrian Warner visits Leabank Square

The Olympics today announced that Arena Fields is to change its name to East Wick after the Olympics.

This is another part of the grand plan to make locals feel very disconnected to the playing fields, orchards, nutteries & allotments that used to be here for us all to enjoy. 'Hey - ask the whole of the UK what we should call Arena Fields - without telling them anything about its past - and call it democracy'

Anyhow - the BBC's Adrian Warner paid a visit to Leabank Squares Purple Garden this evening to do his piece. Nice guy - even if his TV voice is a little dull - and he loves Leabank Square.

Thanks to all the kids who made his visit entertaining.



Eileen said...

Sóna why couldn't they have kept it as Arena Fields? Major Villiers is turning in his grave today.

Paul said...

Arena Fields R.I.P.

Zoulla said...

I can hear the 'Witches of East Wick' jokes already......

Matt said...

Bloody typical. It's hard enough as it is to find enough info on Villiers & some of the early Eaton Manor people. In a few years time, noone whill ever find Arena Fields on any maps coz the Olympics decide to wipe the name out forever.
east wick sounds like a roads name.

Lucy said...

"If local people don't like it, then people will adopt their own name." Translation: If the locals don't like it, tough shit.

Hahahaha classic.

Fiona said...

Nice words dude.
See why I said you should talk to these meedja types?