Friday, 20 July 2012

Leabank Square Cootlings Doing Well!!

The nesting island on our riverbank has raised two families this season!! Now that last years swans ( found somewhere safer to nest - a family of coots - as well as a family of mallards took advantage of the British Waterways Nesting Island.

The coots had 5 eggs in their nest - and all of them were hatched in mid May. One of them was definitely weaker than the rest - and didn't survive a particularly heavy downpour one night. One disappeared a few days afterwards - but the 3 rd was seen being carried off by a seagull - so maybe that happened to both of them.

So the family has 2 cootlings now - and they're almost as big as their parents - with a lot more fluff about them. But they look very healthy - and are still very protected by mum & dad! To see the daily battles being played out by the parents to keep other coots, passing swans, loads of gulls, and the olympic patrol boats - spend a very enjoyable hour up on the riverbank. It's very entertaining!!

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Anonymous said...

Have you watched two pairs of coots at the boundary between their respective territories come flying at one another claws forward? Real combat sport!