Monday, 15 December 2008

Hackney Wick Community Association AGM

This is a rather formal blog entry - but what it is - is an invite to attend the annual general meeting of our local Hackney Wick Community Association. Remember - this is your local association - and the more of us who attend this meeting - the more say we have over where it heads in the future!

We all have views about how the Community Centre is run - and now is the most ideal time to shape the future of this amazing place.

PLEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ try and make it down to this very important meeting!!!

Public Notice

The Hackney Wick Community Association gives notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Board is to be convened 19 January 2009 at 7.00 pm.

For business to be conducted at this meeting we require a minimum of 25 Full Members of the Association to attend.

At the meeting it is proposed to elect three (3) Full Members to the Board of Trustees for the Association. Nomination forms are available to collect from HWCA, requested by phone (020 8986 1999) or email (

Nominees must be Full Members of the Association and proposed and seconded by existing Members.

Members of the public wishing to become Full, Associate, Affiliated or Junior Members of the Association are invited to request a membership form using the above contact details or to visit our building to complete the form.

All residents of the local community within the Parish of St Mary’s of Eton are eligible to become Full & Junior Members. Residents outside of this boundary are welcome as Associate Members. Local training, education, sports, and other organisations with an interest in our community are welcome as Affiliated Members.

We look forward to welcoming you at our EGA.
The Board of Trustees
Hackney Wick Community Association
The Old Baths, 80 East Way, Hackney Wick, London E9 5JH


Anonymous said...

Hi Leabank Square

I also live locally and I find this Community Hall very cold and unwelcoming.

I will be coming to the AGM, but really only to see for myself why it is in such a state! Is this the only Community Hall that we have locally, or is there a more friendly and inviting place for us local residents to meet?


Anonymous said...

Me too!!

I've lived all me life here on the trowbridge, and I've never seen such a miserable bunch in all me life.

They have a cheek to call that place a community centre when it seems that your only welcome if you know that terry guy.

Waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon

Well - now's your chance to change all that! Put your money where your mouth is - and come to the AGM.

If you're not happy with the way its run - then come along and say so. Tell them what they need to do. Then sign up for membership and volunteer for the centre.

Get active.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

How are you connected to the centre? I somehow don't feel that you're part of this rude lot!

On the day of the Hackney Wick Festival, I was told that the centre was opening it's toilets for the public, and so when Keesha (my youngest) was desperate after bouncing on your free bouncy castle, I made my way there.

At the door, I was asked what I wanted in quite a rude way, by the manager. I explained that my daughter needed the loo, but I was ushered out the door.

Thankfully one of the bus drivers at the number 30 depot saw this on his way to clock in, and said I could use their loo.

I feel like bringing this up at the AGM, but I don't want to be treated like that again, so I probabaly won't end up going.

Please see if you can find out if this was a one-off, or maybe he just didn't like me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sóna

I just can't place my finger on what's wrong with this place?!

I know it's our local community centre, but I have never felt as if it was even PART of the community?

There have been hardly any times when I have felt that anything held there was of ANY benefit to ANY of us.

Even the Olympic roadshow stuff was so blatantly spin that - as a resident - I feel as if being there made not a jot of difference.

The question is - would I be able to make any difference if I attended this AGM?

The feeling I have is that it's gone way over being a lost cause.

Sorry Sóna - I know you want as many Wickers there as possible, but I'll hang back & see what happens over the next year.

Good New Year to you & your family mate!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

What is the invitation all about for this?! I've just had one posted through the door and it's a dogs breakfast!!

If this is meant to motivate us all to come to the meeting - then it's definetely not going to work!!

Who designed it?

If it WAS you dude - then please leave it to the proffesionals!!