Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Xmas Carol Night in Leabank Square

Pic: Zoulla

Pic: Zoulla

Pic: Zoulla

Pic: Zoulla

Pic: Zoulla

A wonderful night was had by all tonight down on the riverbank!!

Thank you to Rev Alan Piggott & friends from St Mary's Church in Eastway for the spiritually uplifting songs. Together with the residents - we almost brought the walls of the Olympics down - maybe next time!!

Thank you to Tracy and Simon for the fantastic mulled wine and barbie!! The evening was actually quite warm - but you four (Cosmo & Chester - their biscon frise's as well) really made the whole evening sizzle with your burning wood & delicious mulled wine!!

Thanks to Zoulla for you brilliant Xmas tree - putting the spirit into the lovely evening!!

Thanks to Stuart, Bella & Debbie - plus Debbie's mum - for the scrumptious cookies!!

Thanks to Nadira for the teas, coffees, hot chocolates, star & Xmas tree cookies & most importantly - glow sticks!!!

But most importantly - thanks to everyone who came along!! This is just the kind of community event the riverside was built for!! A brilliant evening with the best of friends!!


Melanie said...

Hi Leabank Square

I was on one of the boats that sailed past while you guys were singing last night!! What an incredible sight!!

I must say that I go up & down the Lea many times a week, and am always impressed with the community spirit you have there!!

Whether it's your gardeners, your picnicers, your BBQ nutters in the middle of winter, your kids painting signs, your DIY enthusiasts building what looks like greenhouses, etc - you guys have a lovely tight-knit community that makes Hackeny Wick proud!!

Thanks for the carol singing as we sailed past!!


Zoulla said...

I would like to add thanks as always to Sona and Nadira for getting us all together. was a lovely evening and the Marshmallows were a great idea!
Merry Christmas to everyone x x

William said...

Hi Sóna

Thank all of you for singing those carols under our windows the other night!

As you know, I haven't been too well recently, but the carols really cheered me up!

How many other estates in Hackney have residents who care enough to go around carol singing?

This just shows what a closely knit community we are, and are becoming!


Yvonne said...

Hello all

It was lovely to hear all of you singing downstairs. I know that you leafleted the square, but I forgot completely about it all until I heard the singing.

Thank you for making Leabank Square so special at night.


Carol Singers said...

Hi Leabank Square

We were some of the congregation who came down from St Mary's. Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Thanks too for warming us up with the bonfires & mulled wine. It was just what was needed. Thankyou.