Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Leabank Square Riverbank Wall

Have you seen how beautiful the Gainsborough School wall in Leabank Square looks now that it's been painted?

It has been done in Leabank Square Purples, and looks like a fantastic mosaic from a distance. The plants that are going to be growing up it are in the Leabank Square Riverside Nursery at the moment - and as soon they are big enough - will be trained up this stunning wall!

Thanks to everyone who helped paint it - it looks absolutely brilliant!!


Abdul said...

Hi Sóna
I absolutely LOVE this wall! I know you got all this purple for a knock down price, but you couldn't have chosen a better colour even if you'd have paid loads for it!
All the planters & boots look way posh up on the riverbank. Thanks for making the view out our window so colourful!

Paul said...

Hey Dude!

The wall looks GREAT man! I know we all ask a lot of you, but please could you do the opposite wall down below me as well? It looks very boring compared to this beauty in the pics!

I also agree that the purples are inspired! But you know what would look good......

....... just a smattering of yellow every now & then. Purple REALLY goes with yellow - but not too much! This I learnt at art school!