Monday, 25 May 2009

Noisy Bank Holiday Awakening!!

Right - so now that the Olympic workers are starting to consider their neighbours well-being - the next bunch of noisy workers come along!!

Thanks to all the residents who alerted me to this bunch of very inconsiderate strimmerers at work early this Bank Holiday Monday!! The engines on their strimmers were worse than the joy riders bikes that come along the tow path - but then when they started cutting down our flowers - the noise was even worse!!
But - to all the residents who were swearing blue murder over at them (not that they heard!) - these inconsiderate nincompoops were probably either Hackney Council or British Waterways workers. The tow path has nothing to do with the Olympics.

Thanks for logging all the calls to Hackney Council this morning - it's weird isn't it - they will tell you that it has already been reported many times if you're the tenth caller complaining.

Anyhow - I will raise this with Robert Kavuma at our next meeting. But please stop hurling abuse over at them like this morning - it doesn't serve our cause any good!


Dirk said...

Never mind the strimmers - that's hopefully a one-off - please could you sort out this generator directly opposite us?!
When you complained a couple of weeks ago I thought you said that they were looking at it.
Well I am looking at it as I type - and although it's probably even registerring over their acceptable decibel level - it is that mosquito factor again isn't it?
When I come off shift at 3am - the last thing I hear as I try & get some shut-eye is that consatant drone?
Why did they have to put it on this side of the welfare centre?! Just to pee us off no doubt!
Please Sóna - if we don't see (& hear) it re-positioned soon - I suggest we go ahead with Ms Purple's demo for the Standard!

José said...

Dirk I agree with you. This generator needs to be moved before all the construction workers, admin staff, caterers, etc move in.

Sóna please get in touch with King to tell her that the machine needs to go on the opposite side of the welfare centre to us before they all get too comfortable.

And none of that 'it's the only place to site it' rubbish that they used for the soil washer. This machine is going to be here for years to come - there is absolutely NO WAY that we can stand that noise every night for the next 4 years!!!


Su said...


Are you SURE these 2 jerks yesterday were not part of the oda? If I remember correctly, the council have their name on their backs, and the BW people have a tiny symbol on their front.

If you ask me, these two idiots were contracted to the oda. Sorry about shouting at them, but I had not long come off duty and was just drifting off when these bozos came by.

Who's brilliant idea was it to make them do it on a bank holiday?! There is no way HC would have got their gardeners to come in on a bank holiday!


Abdul said...

Hello Sona (sorry can't find a rising inflection)

I came on to see the idiots responsible for waking me up yesterday, but am also MUCH more concernd about that welfare centre generator.

I know they said the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, but that's a load of tosh. It is on ALL night and I can hear it no matter which direction it blows. Just because they make a lot MORE noise during the day and then go home, doesn't mean that the machine isn't noisy!
At night when there is hardly any noise from the construction workers, the machine is definetly noisy!
I want it moved NOW!!!

Matt said...

Might I suggest you start a seperate posting specifically tackling the Welfare Centre Generator?
If the few of us who looked up the idiots strimming so early on a bank holiday, happened upon this post, and that's the out of the few of us who can make it to an internet cafe, and that's out of the few of us who are bothered to search it out........
Then you know that there are a lot more Leabankers who are as peeved about this generator as we few are!
I know you have your own secret formula of good/bad news stories for us in Leabank Square, but this is really a health & safety issue.
We NEED our sleep!!!

Mary said...

Hello Sóna
So what if George is on holiday, go straight to Julie King. Whatever you do, do not deal with that lying Sharpe person again!
Sort this out please Sóna, this generator has GOT to be moved away from Leabank Square. We all asked you to do something at the meeting, so go and DO it!

Sybil said...

Hey Sóna
This simply will not do.
Yet again we are completely ignored by the ODA. They have an enormous site to position all their noisy machinery, and where do they choose to drop it?
Right outside my bedroom window!
Okay so it doesn't make as much noise at that horrid washing machine, but it does run all night long. It is just plain irritating.
Even the highway around the corner is dead for most of the night, but we still have to listen to this generator.
Have Hackney Council been contacted yet?

Ms Purple said...

Hiya Sóna
Us girls having another sesh tonite & was wondering if we should do the banners for the photographers?
If we stand on the pump on the riverbank can they get the generator in the shot? If so - what should we print up on the banners?
Could you either give me a bell or swing by our flat when you get home?
Ms Purple

Pete said...

Another night of this generator ahead of us!
We did what was decided.
We all complained to Shona, he passed this on to the ODA, they made their excuses, they have still not sorted this out, maybe we should go with the girls ideas and get the media all over this noise!
Remember this is the school holidays, we will get a fantastic photo shoot if we do it this week!

Maisie said...

Sóna - another night of this ruddy generator! How long do they need to put it back onto a truck and drive 10 metres behind their own welfare centre and put it down out of earshot of Leabank Square?
Please sort it out tomorrow.

Eileen said...


I can't stand it! I know what you mean, it's not particularly loud, but it is SO annoying!! It just never stops!!

What in the world made them put it right opposite us AGAIN?!?

Maybe they deserve to have London's media giving them a rotten name? I think you called the girls off too soon Sóna, let them give the ODA a rough time for a week or two.


Judy said...

But I partly blame you lot!

I normally sleep like a log and never heard the damn thing, but now after seeing you all down on the riverbank past midnight the other night, I hear it all night long!

It's probably not gonna show up on their microphone thingie, but it IS still the ONLY noise out there at night!

I once stayed next to an office block that had to move their aircon system because the fans went on all night. Not loud, but still annoyingly.

Same has got to happen here!


Rebecca said...

I've just called Sóna at work and he says to hold off doing any wording so if anyone is still interested in coming tonite and doing the sewing of the banner material and drinking loadsa wine please come.

Gilly said...

Sorry about that sona, but I just couldn't concentrate with that ****** digger going mad opposite!

Maybe we can have the meeting on the weekend sometime. Aren't they sposed to stop at 6pm anyway?

Anonymous said...

What is GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What WAS that HUGE LOUD machine at 7.15 this morning?!?!
Sóna WHAT are they trying to do to us?!?!
They have NO IDEA how much every noise they make bounces off that welfare building straight into our bedrooms!!!!
How DARE they treat Leabank Square as an extension of their site?! We NEVER wanted them here in the first place - and now they are making our lives a misery with all that noise!!
Last night we had diggers digging at 7.30pm - and 12 hours later some tar laying machine!!!!
IS IT JUST NOT ON - I want the WHOLE welfare building GONE not just that generator thingie!!!

Gerald said...


I can confirm that it was an asphalt laying machine spreading tar for their car park. I saw it through my binoculars as clear as the bright sunny peaceful morning it was before they turned up at 7.14 am!

And it didn't half make a noise mate! I had to close my balcony door & winders! There were even some guvnors trying to get into the Carrilion office door that had to hotfoot it past the machine!

Mate, this has got to stop, thay taking the pee now!


Anonymous said...

Charlie never stopped his Angels from kicking ass. C'mon, Sona - don't stop your Angels when they're rearing to go! Let them kick the ODA's ass!

Leroy said...

ere Gerry
I reckon we could reach the generator from the riverbank. I just spoke to my mate who works at smithfields. The olympics can come into work monday morning & eat rotten scrambled eggs first thing.

Dirk said...

Hey Dude
Thanks for the email, but I still cannot understand how HC can just decide its okay to shorten our weekend for us.
Do they really not have to consult with us?
This noise is really too much after a VERY long week of terrible noise!!

Meg said...


They have shut up across the river ON A SATURDAY!!!!

If that Kavuma idiot ever gives them permission to make such a racket ALL DAY on a Saturday - I will personally throttle him!

How dare he mess up my daughters birthday party like that?!



Matt said...

Sorry, one thing I forgot to say in the email:

We elected you to bust the ODAs chops because you have never taken any sh*t from PMMS or HC or anyone else in your past lives.

We need you to be the same with this bunch of jokers. NEVER stop holding them to account!

They have not done a single thing for us, so why should we EVER give them an easy ride?


Rebecca said...

Hey Sóna
Don't let anyone call us 'Angels' again OK?

Anyway this sounds like one of em sad old single blokes from olympicmonitor again! Some of em are a bit creepy innit?

Why do they need a few grrrrls to fight their battles for em?

If they so hard and angry, why can't they do it 4 themselves?


William said...

I don't care about any of the bribes they are offering you in the gardening dept, I just want that ruddy generator moved behind the portakabins!!

You can't stick a thin wall in front of it and expect it to be quieter at 3am!

Get them to shift it!


Anonymous said...

So is Sona being bribed by the gardening dept, as Bill says?

Has Sona become the "Constant Gardener" in reverse?

Is Sona, still dining out on his ANC heroics, no more than a shadow of the man he used to be?

Is this blog, that last year was a hotbed of politics and direct action, now nothing more than a plantbed of bland and boring gardening tips?

Ms Scarlet said...

Oh Dear Becca

Looks like you've upset the angry brigade from olympicwatch again!

Now theyre telling Sóna how to run our community blog! Methinks they have never lived in a family community before, maybe clays street was just full of codgers winding each other up?

Still, its lovely to see some of us grrrrrls have more comunity spirit than these sposed-to-be activists, and thats even before weve put our falsies on!

Ms Scarlet

William said...

Hi Shona
Since your meeting with the ODA it seems as though the noise from the generator has gone. Maybe the wind has changed direction, but I did try and listen when I finished my shift this morning, and heard nothing.
So please thank them for that.
As for the bleepers, they are definetly still bleeping.
There are still pick-ups & other vehicles tearing along this new road ripping up the dust.
And don't worry about what one of the 'anonymous' residents says about the blog, they are probably not in the Association anyway. We've asked you to do a job, and we want you to do it our way. Of course not everyone always agrees, but we are a democratic Association.
Please pass on my thanks to the ODA.

Su said...

Hey Sóna

Please tell me if Meg Hilliers office got back to us on THIS one. I think she's still on maternity leave - but still - her number 2 should have relied to our cc's.

Please email me tonight - as it will be my deciding factor between Labour & the Libdems tomorrow morning.


Michael said...

Hi Sóna
Thanks for updating all of us, its a bit of a mixed bag isn't it?
Yeah we're grateful for the hiding the generator, the road weekly sweeper, the gardening on Wed.....
But the dust is killing us man!
Have you got the latest data from Ian yet? Surely it is being exceeded on a daily basis?
With the exeption of a daily bowser going along the perimeter fence, there is not even a pretense of watering down any of the sand anywhere else - and it's this sand that is being blown right into my kitchen!!
Any news on whether they can donate any gardening tools? Or is that stretching their generosity too far?
See you on Sunday

Gail said...

Yeah I agree Mick! There has got to be a LOT of water sprayed onto all sand surfaces befor work commences each day - WITHIN THEIR AGREED HOURS!!
And AGAIN at the end of the day!
Just as the rain lessens the dust into Leabank Square - so must they drench the entire site each day!
Can you imagine what we're breathing in?!

Meg said...

Hey Sóna
Paul just forwarded me that Rapson email! What is she on about?
2 things:
1. What is she doing reading OUR blog? It is for OUR community, not for the idiots at the ODA to spy on us!
2. When did Hackneys Wicked get invited to do the artwork for us? This is the same non-community organisation that wouldn't join the Hackney Wick Festival. And the same organisation that wouldn't let my family into half of THEIR festivals exhibits because of the porn (or 'adult content') in their festival!

What is this Rapson idiot doing inviting people who don't even live opposite the Welfare Centre anyway?! LEABANK SQUARE has to stare at artwork we don't have anything to do with now!

Please Sóna - you know how much I hate the grey facade of these poratkabins - but I would rather have THAT to stare at for another 4 years than whatever 'swicked have planned for us!

Is this Rapson the new giorgia?

Let's have nothing to do with her whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shona
Great! The least community-minded organaisation EVER now gets to organise Leabank Square's vista for the next 4 years!
Also - I am sure that you said that Gemma Rapson said that Leabank Square, Gainsborough School & Wick Village would design the screens?
She says 'As originally discussed it is our intention for this to be a community project allowing everyone who wishes to be involved to make their mark on the porta-cabins' as a cop-out to get these porn merchants involved!
Nice of the ODA & Hackney Council to get an organisation that peddles smut in the name of art to design our vista!
I will be contacting the media later today to make sure they know all about THIS particular story!
Again Shona - we have been dealt with by some junior, inarticulate, out-of-her-depth minion from the ODA.
Same old same old.....
Hackney Wick? Lets give them another Giorgia Sharpe! They'll never guess we only let the scraps of the Olympic Neighbourhood Liaison office deal with them because they're just the stupid, ignorant, poor & dispossed part of our neighbours. We Olympic team are so far superior that we can palm them off with the least community spirited bunch of 'artists' to show them what 'art' is!
Shona, it's going to be very interrsting seeing just what will go up on the screen. I, for one, will not let MY kids partake in a workshop with this bunch, and I urge the rest of Leabank Square, Wick Village - but especially Gainsborough School to do the same!
If they wouldn't (rightly) let our kids into their exhibits last year because of their adult content, why should we let our kids be workshopped by them this year?

Sasia said...

It seems as if the one group of people who don't bother to mix with the rest of Hackney Wick are the one group that the ODA use to decorate OUR view!
Thankfully I can withdraw my kids participation, but I can't withdraw their eventual artwork! Still I would rather live with that than have to be forced to be made to work with the most selfish, self centred group of people in the Wick!

Anonymous said...

If you're getting loads of sand blown around you need to do something about it. The smaller particles get in your lungs. Get some analysed to see whether it's risky.

We had a lot that used to heap up down the centre line of Westferry Road as it spilled from all the lorries travelling up and down. When the wind blew it was vile.

Maria said...

Whoa! Sóna, when did hackneys wicked take over the art workshop? Do the ODA know all about them? Why give it to an organisation that only ever takes one tiny demographic of the Wick into consideration?! Actually, forget about it, take my kids off the list as well please.

Debs said...

Yeah Sóna, take my kids off the list as well please. I am not happy about being lumped in with a bunch of people who have never contributed ANYTHING to the rest of the Wick. Their festival last year looked good from Wallis Road, but was clearly an adult exhibition with loads of inebriated people - not the kind of event I would ever take my kids to. Not their fault, they're artists - that's what they do.

I just wish they would also participate in other community events other than serving their own tiny minority.

Pity you know? This had such potential to be a good community project, and typically the ODA go and screw it up again!