Friday, 25 June 2010

Leabank Square Wildflower Meadow June 2010

The meadow is positively overflowing with colour and splendour!

Thanks again to everyone who planted this meadow way back in March.

You must agree it was worth braving that chilly Sunday morning …just take a look at the pictures we snapped earlier.

The delicate poppies are continuing to flower and other annuals such as the cornflowers are also beginning to really take off too!

It's such a pleasure returning home to the square and being greeted by the riot of colour that is our very own meadow!


Anna said...

The Wildflower Meadow is simply stunning! Thank you to everyone who helped out!

Tony said...

WOW! Just took a stroll down there and......
Thanks guys!

Su said...

Thank you all for making my trip home into Leabank so beautiful after work. I LOVE the meadow.

Mohammed said...

Hi gardening club. The wildflower meadow looks lovely, so thanks from us. I must admit when I looked out of my window back in winter seeing you all digging it up, I never thought it would come up this good.
You all make leabank so attractive. Cheers

Paul said...

Its great. And thanks for keeping them alive with your watering while this heatwave ravages the lawn.
Viva la Gardening Club.

Anonymous said...

Hi gardeners
After the school run, the meadow is the perfect sight to welcome us all back to LS. Thanks a lot for all the colour.

Matt said...

Looking GOOD!