Sunday, 30 May 2010

Look at our Irises!

The planter with Mohammed's cherry tree in has got amazing company for a few weeks! The beautiful Irises have come up even better than last year!

Thank you to all the gardening club for getting so much done over the winter - all the planters are looking great!


Rebecca said...

I saw them yesterday, haven't they come out lovley?

Matt said...

Don't they look beautiful?
Has anyone else noticed that someone is digging some of the wildflower meadow flowers up?
If you look there now you'll see quite a lot of trampled flowers & some bald patches.
Any clues anyone?

Owen said...

Do you have squirrels?

Leabank Square said...

Ooooh Owen. I know some gardeners would not like to hear this - but we WISH we had squirrels! That would be another validated sign that we are going in the right biodiverse direction.
No - methinks these particular squirrels have designs on whole plants - roots & all!
Still - it kind of validates the same direction - only a bit too much. These 'squirrels' love the garden a bit too much!

Anonymous said...

...and check out the rampant spearmint, dancing around the irises!

Matt said...

What's the difference between spearmint and mint? I love the Morrocan mint in the nursery, is that spear of just ordinary mint?

Anna said...

There's not too much difference in taste, but they're both scrummy in boiling water. Thanks to everyone who planted them.

Owen said...

Anna, I don't know whether any of the lemon balm has survived but that makes a good tea as well - it even improves with the second infusion. Both the lemon balm and the different mints benefit from harvesting, the new growth keeps the stems fresh, so there's no reason not to enjoy them - you're not even depriving the squirrels!

Anna said...

MMMMMMM! I see what you mean! At least I hope it was lemon balm I picked last night - but it tasted delicious anyway - and I'm still alive enough to write this. Thanks Owen. Was that also one of your donations?

Owen said...

Anna, lemon balm gives itself - once you've got one you're unlikely to need to go looking for another!

Tony said...

Hi guys
Thanks for all the emails. I hope to be there, perfect for getting out of fathers day meal.