Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Summer in the Purple Garden!!

The riverbank garden looks more and more beautiful with each passing year, as all things do as they grow and mature...

Tom's train, painted in the riverbank colours.

The fly-tipped European Larch has been lovingly brought back to life by Sõna.

Nadira planted up a couple of courgette plants this year and they were a real treat eaten in omelettes, picked fresh on the day!

Riverbank sunflowers, standing tall and proud.

Sona's stunning bug hotel...we're hoping to receive guests very soon!

Earlier this year we purchased a few unusual corn varieties...only a handful of seeds germinated and we're keeping our fingers crossed for some blue corn.

The riverbank bramble grew and grew this summer. The berries have been enjoyed by many residents...but most deliciously, by the young Leabankers!

This display contains one of our surviving Cordylines. Many gardeners reported losing theirs to the bitter Winter, but this hardly individual made it through and is thriving!

A view along the purple riverbank.

Tracie's Fig Tree is doing really well this year. It has produced many figs, however the only mature fig was sneekily enjoyed by a pigeon!

The hoverflies are beautifully camouflaged whilst enjoying one of our sunflowers.

The lavender seeds that we planted in early spring have grown! They'll be ready for planting in the Square next spring.


Raj said...

Hello LeabankSquare,

I pass your garden everyday to work and have seen it develop from a boring concrete space into the purple paradise it is today!

Well done to your community for creating such a unique and beautiful garden.

All the Best,

Anonymous said...


We walked passed your garden yesterday and took a few pictures of your lovely garden. Thank you for making our walk really interesting.
We've never seen anything like it along this stretch of the Lee and it is much appreciated.

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...

Well done with the lavender seedlings - impressive!