Monday, 30 August 2010

What's everyone looking at?

If you do one thing this summer, take your friends, neighbours, family and dogs for a walk on the other side of the canal, opposite Leabank Square's Purple Garden.

You will be in for such a treat! Forget Kew Gardens -check out our river view and the gardens for free!!

The reedbeds planted in May are truly flourishing beside our riverbank garden.

A beautiful view along the Lee Navigation!

Leabank Square's visiting artist, Zena, paints the garden and river views.

The enormous onion flowers are clearly visible from the towpath!

A coot and a moorhen get cosy amidst the reeds. This particular patch of reeds broke free somewhere up the river and floated past our bank. Of course, we couldn't let this opportunity pass us by and we have attached this floating free spirit to our existing reeds.

It's very exciting to see wildlife setting up home beside our beautiful garden!

Table and chairs, painted in the riverbank hues by Matt and Nancy.


Ted said...

Hi guys,

I was walking past your garden today, and I was very impressed with how beautiful and lush it is. Congratulations to you all. Keep up the good work!


Tony said...

OMG!!! The purple garden looks like sooooo much work has gone into it! Thanks a million you guys. It looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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Debs said...

Hi all
Please remember to keep ALL comments about the Stop The Towpath campaign in email format. We don't want any council & city hall peeps getting wind of dates & plans.

Matt said...

I agree debs. After all we've been planning it wud be a shame to lose the element of surprise.

Paul said...

Hi Family
Riverbanks looking GOOD!

Anna said...

Thanks for the cuppas you guys! Nice fresh lemon tea, plucked straight off the bush! The purple garden is THE best thing about Leabank, keep up the great work!