Monday, 31 January 2011

RSPB Big Garden Watch Results for Leabank Square

Thanks to all who sent their results in for the RSPB's Big Garden Watch yesterday. The great news is that each year - more of us take part.

But the sad news is that for the 5th year running the numbers are declining. The Olympic construction has got to be a major factor in the decline. In a few weeks - more mature trees are going to be cut down. As I look out of the window at the doomed trees - I can see at least 3 nests that are going down with them.

But - we can try our best to rehouse some of the birds that will be homeless soon. Please see if you can stick up some more bird houses all around Leabank Square. If you have cats - please make sure that the boxes are well out of reach. And please hand as many fatballs as you can.

Both the Poundshop & the 99p shop in Stratford sell them very cheaply, so if you have a few spare pounds, please pop into them.

Anyway - here are the results:

Carrion Crow - 7
Feral Pigeon - 19
Magpie - 4
Woodpigeon - 2
Coots - 6
Pied Wagtails - 4
Mallards - 9
Kestrel - 1
Moorhens - 4

No sparrows at all this year - after the huge success last year - but then they lost their large brambles.

If you still have any more figures - please add them through the comments - or continue sending the email forms.

Thanks once again.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, i have been walking down your towpath just recently. Didn't see any birds though, just a couple of dogs, and a rat. X

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that more birds are being made homeless due to the Olympics. I saw two lovely ones jogging along the Canal this morning and would happily put them up should the need arise...!!!

Anonymous said...

Ftip003127186 Volkerfitzpatrick Contrators

Tim Webb said...

Thanks for taking part, submitting the results helps direct conservation work. In London, the RSPB is testing grass and flower seed plots to see which best support house sparrows by boosting availability of seed and insects to eat. Our project in the Lee Valley, based at the Waterworks nature reserve's also working hard to pass on info on what individuals can do to support and enjoy urban wildlife... but you're ahead of us with your work... Thanks.

Tim Webb.
RSPB London

PS Has anyone checked out the Dalston Curve garden next to the Peace Mural at Dalston... it's a great little green oasis with wifi!

Fiona said...

spoken like a true olympic builder anon

Matt said...

Sóna, I'm sure I saw a bluetit on Sunday. Do they normally fly around alone? Maybe it's partner was up on the roof. I'll let you know if I spot any others.

Anna said...

Imagine this time next year when even more Arena Fields trees are chopped down. Sona, did PMMS ever get back to you about trees on the green? The only way we can counteract the olympic devastation is by planting some here ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it looks like you've got Anon around for quite a while:

"VolkerFitzpatrick Ltd. Wins Multiple Awardees Contract for Construction Services"

VolkerFitzpatrick Ltd., Hoddesdon, United Kingdom, won a multiple awardees contract award from Olympic Delivery Authority to provide general builder and common site services in London. No contract amount was specified. The anticipated timescales for the framework are as follows: Design and installation period: 2009-2012; and Legacy removal period: 2012-2013.

Mohamed said...

Sóna, you know what we forgot to count don't you? The flock of starlings in the eaves of the hamilton king block. There must be about 30 of them there. Is it too late for the survey?