Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Welcome Neighbour - David Kohn - White Building Arts Centre

Remember how excited we all were last summer when we heard that Atlas Wharf (next door) might be turned into an arts centre? Then remeber how dissapointed we were when it didn't happen?
Well - it's only gone & moved a few doors down!!!!!

The Hackney Wick Arts Centre will now be downstream round the bend of the canal - right next to Whire Post Lane. (Where Banksy's Baby is). And the architect we were all rooting for won it!!!! Yes - David Kohn!

If you don't exactly remember the name - his was the only one to include the floating garden. This means another one of our neighbours who is actively encouraging the biodiversity of the canal in this Hackney Wick stretch! This is not only great news for all the fish, geese, coots, dragonflies & frogs - but imagine how much more beautiful our walks along the towpath are going to be.

Well done David! We always knew your design was the one that had Hackney Wickers best interests at heart. The balconey on the road side is cool too - but we LOVE the floating garden most! Of course - we know it's also the art & events happening inside that's just as important - but we LOVE the floating garden the most!

And then there's the seated are on the river bank - but we LOVE the floating garden the most!

Check out the designs at:



Tony said...

Best guy by a mile one. Now we have to start working on Wick Village to get British Waterways reeds passed. Then most of The Cut will be reeded up - more fish for the barbie.

Fiona said...

I still liked the 2nd one - but the floating garden is definetly gonna make Davids one more attractive.
It's still gonna be finished by the olympics right?

Tom said...

Nice one! This is the one with the digital sign around the one corner isn't it?
It was miles ahead of the others. It's enough of an attraction to draw more people into Hackney Wick, and enough of a local ammenity for all of us to enjoy - as long as it's not as expensive as the Pearl.

Anna said...

Excellent news guys. That's the power of positive thinking for you. Well done David.

Anonymous said...

As a graffiti artist, I think the big white building looks great.