Thursday, 23 June 2011

Movies on The River Lea!!

Tomorrow see the opening of the brilliant new (temporary) movie house in Hackney Wick!! And best of all - it's just downstream from Leabank Square!!!!!

There are going to be amazing activities from - great family movies - to bug-hotel building workshops. From family discos to drawing classes. And much much more!

Please come down to meet these lovely people - some of whom you already know from previous projects - who are making Hackney Wick that little bit extra special for all of us!

To book seats & find out more - please visit and then just have heaps of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hu Jia was released today. I hate to nod in Olympics Delivery Authority's direction, but whatever else they've done to you at least they never had you spirited away like Hu Jia for reminding people what the Olympics is not supposed to be about (eg:

Enjoy the cinema - looks interesting! But that duckweed bloom on the canal doesn't look good for the fish.

Matt said...

Knock Knock