Friday, 3 June 2011

Leabank Square Swans - Latest

Well - where do we start?!

It is just the 4 of them - Mum, Dad & the 2 cygnets. The other eggs were either smashed by some ignorant people - or were just not fertile.

It's probably just as well that the family isn't that much larger - as they still get a bit of hassle from some of the less disciplined kids (especially as it's half-term).

So they spend most of the day visiting brother, sisters & cousins further along at Windsor Wharf in Wick Village. (Just after Gainsborough School) Please take a walk along and see how many water fowl have started families in the last few weeks.

There are Mallard ducklings, Cootlings and a few more cygnets as well. They all seem to be getting on well enough with each other - considering all the protective mums & dads hovering around their little ones.

But what a lovely hour to spend! The nice folk in Wick Village operate a system of many eyes prevent anti-social behaviour - so encourage nice people to come & sit on their riverbank.

As for the Leabank Square Swans - well - we think that they will still use the nest as a bedroom overnight for a few more weeks. But Mum & Dad are teaching them great foraging skills further & further away from the nest - so they'll soon start spending nights away.

But in the meantime - please help them by keeping a vigilant eye out for their safety.



Paul said...

Thanks for that guys. I kept wondering what happened to them during the day. I think I'll take a walk over the other side this weekend.

Fiona said...

What were all those kids doing on the riverbank last night? They were very loud and quite rowdy. What can we do about it?
If it was this bad, what is it going to be like in the summer hols?

Anna said...

Awwwwww! They look so sweet all fluffy and cute. How quickly do they grow up? When do the big feathers start growing?
Thank for the update

Tony said...

It's good to see them getting more adventurous and outgoing.
You've given them the best start in life, and maybe they'll come back year after year to our little riverbank.

Tom said...

Ahhhhh! Aint they growing up nice?

Sascha Green said...

Hi Leabank Square. I've just got back from a vigorous ramble along the Lea and seen your swans.
After reading up all about them on this blog, I have to say thank you for caring for them so well.
It sounds like you've had just about everything thrown at you, so well done for sticking you your eco credentials.
Thank you
Sascha Green

Anonymous said...

Nice photograph setting off the graceful arch of the swans' necks and the graceful arch of the excavator in front of the media centre.