Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Olympic Legacy - Leabank Square's Concerns.

A few days ago - Caroline Davies came to Hackney Wick to do a story about our concerns for the future of the Wick a year before the games. She spoke to many people - but concentrated on James in the fabulous Hackney Pearl, the ever entertaining Al in White Post Lane - and me here in Leabank Square.

Of course - no journalist can ever capture the sheer cliff-like monstrosity of the Olympic site that faces us - but I tried to put across what most of us feel about the architecture.

More than anything - I spoke about what we all want after the games. Leabank Square has always had the short straw as far as the construction work is concerned. We were the first to have buildings constructed - pulled down - re-constructed, pulled down again - and now rebuilding yet more temporary buildings directly opposite us - again for them to be demolished.

then - we have about 5 more years of be-designing & building whoever takes over the media centre as well.

There is not one part of the Olympic site that will have had noise, dust & mayhem - only to be left with the most underwhelming architecture for us to stare at for many decades to come!!

I told Caroline all this - and I think she did a very good article on balance. She got over what most of us feel about all the decade of disruption the Olympics have brought to Leabank Square.

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Paul said...

You tell em Sóna

Matt said...

Sóna, some of the points from the group discussion on the riverbank came across. Of course we would always love more to get printed, but at least we got the main one across.
Thanks for doing it. I know you had to take some time off, so thank you very much.

Fiona said...

My point still didn't make it across tho! When are we ever going to be compensated for all this hell they're putting us through? A gate is not going to help my bike is it?

Anna said...

I think it's a fair summation of what we discussed don't you? And she said she would only probably include a few lines?! She came through for us!! Thanks Sóna

Anonymous said...

Shame she didn't manage to speak to Mr Roegge while he was in the neighbourhood last week.

Why don't you find out from the Olympics PR people if there's a schedule of important Olympic visitors inspecting the Media Centre you could have a chat with? I believe the IOC are very keen on transparency.