Friday, 15 December 2006


Everyone needs good.....

... neighbours

..... and Leabank Square is full of them!!


Anonymous said...

I stay over the road on the Trowbridge Estate, but I would love to live there in Leabank Square.

Anyone know how I can get a flat there?

Please make another comment with some details - I would be ever so grateful.


Leabank Square said...

Hi Mo

Well - WE all love Leabank Square too!!

It is a great place to live, the road & parking is very secure, the green is overlooked by every house & flat, some flats have a grand view over the river & Olympics, some of the residents look after the flowers & trees beautifully, EVERYONE gets along friendily, its minutes from loads of amazing parks & amenities..... and best of all - it has spirit!!

Any flats - not too sure - but why would anyone want to move out?

Keep visiting Mo - and keep chatting to us - you never know you luck.