Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Voluntary Work.

There is no better feeling than doing some voluntary work. If you have a few spare hours a week – please consider doing some work for your favourite charity.

No matter what your interests are – there is bound to be a charity that reflects your ideals, passions & feelings towards your fellow humans.

So if you’re interested in animals – consider one of the hundreds of animal charities, if you are keen to eradicate the world of poverty – there are thousands of charities just waiting for you to call, or if someone in your family is poorly with some ailment – consider finding out if there is a charity working on a cure for it – and volunteer!

Besides the wonderful feeling of helping (instead of just talking about it) – the biggest bonus to doing charitable work – is meeting a whole bunch of new friends – who are just as great as you.

Here are just some of the organisations you could contact to begin talking about volunteering:


Go on – DO IT!


Leabank Square said...

These are all great voluntary organisations - and I wouldn't want to stop you joining any of them at all.......

..... but.....

... if you want - there are also loads of things to do here in Leabank Square.


Litter picking
Tidying up
Craft workshops
Sports workshops
Dog poo patrol
Sign making
Barbeque chef
Picnic organising
Art workshops
Plant wildflower meadow along canal
Repairing broken bits
Fishing workshops
Anything your interest takes!

All you got to do is send an email to leabanksquare@london.com and I will put up a blog up on our site - then keep reading the comments.

We can all make a huge difference to Leabank Square together!!


Zablon said...

Volunteering is very important. Instead of waiting for somebody else to do it, do it yourself and give back to the community