Friday, 1 December 2006

Recycle your books.

They dreamt up a scheme in Amsterdam a few years ago – whereby white bicycles were provided free.

And the idea was that – after you’d finished your ride – you’d leave the bike in the street for someone else to use free.

And if that isn’t recycling – what is?!

But unfortunately this idea flopped – because they failed to take into account two things.

One – the fact that criminals exist.
And two – the fact that coloured paint exists.

But the idea was fantastically optimistic – and deserved to succeed.
A better version of this might be to ask people to recycle their books. Give them to a local charity shop, your local library – or just simply leave it on one of our Leabank Square benches.


Anonymous said...


Could we not organise a Book-Drop?

In Canada we had a bin that we put outside our block of flats - that anyone could drop their books into when finished.

Then they picked up another one to read.

I know some people will nick some - but THEY wouldn't be living in Leabank Square!

ALL of us love & respect each other enough to be kind to each other.

Anyway - it's worth a try huh?!


Leabank Square said...

Hi Carol

I love this idea!!

What kind of a bin did you guys have?

I especially like the idea of having kids books too - so some of us can simply pop onto the green with our children & start reading to them.

We also need a couple of refuse bins on the green too - and definetley a dog poo bin!!

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll get started on this right away!!