Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Arena Fields kickabout

Remember – from this July we lose Arena Fields to the Olympic Park opposite Leabank Square permanently.

So if you want to have a kickabout, picnic, stroll, walk the dog, reminisce, look at Leabank Square from a hill – or even invite some of your neighbours for a walk – you’ve only got a few more months to do it.

Lets all enjoy the last bit of peace & quiet opposite us – until that is – we get a beautiful Olympic Park in a few years time!!


Leabank Square said...

Whoops!! As of today - Valentines Day 2007 - no one can access Arena Fields anymore.

It has been sealed off by a high fence in preperation for the Olympic building site.

It's a very sad day - but hey! - in 2012 we'll all be loving it!!

Leabank Square said...

I didn't realise just how historic this pic would be when I took it!!

Hackney Wick will never EVER look like this again!!

You can just about make out the roofs of Leabank Square behind Shanthi.

The latest info I have is that this bit of land is either going to be a satelite park - or a multi-story car park!

But it is the legacy I'm more worried about!

Will they return it to a field once the Olympics are over?

I guess it's up to all of us to keep our eyes & ears wide open to any changes we hear about - & then chat about it - and then put pressure on the suits to make sure the Leagacy is really that!!