Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Check this out for a great use of the railings in the middle of Leabank Square!!

Our very own badminton court in the centre of the green. But seriously – there are quite a few of us in the square who love a game of badminton – and would love to have a regular game – especially on the weekends.

So if you would like to get a bit of exercise while having great fun – please leave a comment on this entry – and when enough of us get in touch with each other – then we’ll have a wonderful few afternoons on Leabank Square Green.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a good idea!!

Are there any other sporty/recreational things we can all do in the green?

Anyone got a bowls set? Maybe one of those portable basketball hoops? How about a crazy golf course? Hula Hoops? Scooters? Drumming? Craft tables? Anything else?!

Leabank Square said...

Those are great ideas for us all to think about.

And you two in the pic certainly started a trend!! Have you SEEN how many people are getting their badminton rackets out!?

Remember that whatever we play with - the balls shouldn't be heavy as some of the car users might get upset if a ball lands on their roof.

Keep the ideas coming!!!