Wednesday, 31 January 2007

I'm bored......

I’m bored………

How many times do we hear that?

There’s nothing to do!!

Well…….. our brilliant local councillor – Christine Boyd – has brought this amazing website to our attention.

It will definitely have many opportunities for any of our children – of all ages – to spend some time with other kids – doing amazing things!!

From drumming to drama, from djing to producing, from videoing to singing – all this & heaps more!!

(If you're looking for something for toddlers to do as well - remember that we have another blog-page with information for you).

Go on – give the website a visit – you’ll definitely find something for your kids to do with their spare time.

Thanks Christine!!


TATSU said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking at that pic - are there any muso's here in Leabank Square who can organise an acoustic jam session in the green?

There has gotta be at least 20 people who can drum, strum or humm something?!

Come on peeps - let's get it together!!

Leabank Square said...

Hi Anonymous

Now THAT..... is a great idea!?

How about it everyone. There are hundreds of us Leabankers - statistically - that must mean that there are 20-30 musicians living amongst us.

It would be sooooo easy to organise a weekend jam session (with maybe a barbie thrown in) sometime in the summer.

Please leave a comment or get in touch at with your ideas & contact details.

Let's DO it!