Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Cycle Lock-ups

Take a look at these amazing lock-ups for cycles!!

Aren't they just great?!

I am writing to Transport for London to see if there is any way for them to sponsor about twenty of these for us here in Leabank Square.

I know that the residents in the houses are lucky enough to have your gardens to lock your bikes up - but the majority us us that live in one of the blocks of flats have to struggle up the stairs to lock our bikes somewhere in our tiny rooms.

Sometimes we catch the walls with our tyres resulting in very dirty marks all the way up the stairs & along the corridor.

This is Hackney - one of the highest cycle boroughs in the UK. We are the closest estate to the Olympic site. We have amazing cyclists right here in Leabank Square - so I will try my damnedest to get at least a set of 4 lock-ups for each block of flats - so that we can pull our bikes out at a moments notice & get cycling!!
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Greg said...


These are absolutely perfect for Leabank Square!!!!!

Imagine how many residents will start cycling if they knew that they could eventually get a cheap cycle - and then store it in one of these?!

I wish you luck mate!!! I sincerely hope you can persuade someone to sponsor these lock-ups for Leabank Square. Like you say - we are right next to the massivest sporting event in Britain EVER!!!

Hey - maybe the Olympic people are not that peeved at you - how about asking them?

Anyhow - let me know if there is anything I can do to help with this one.


Pete said...

Hi Sóna

Just got soaked on the way into work. But more importantly, I saw this blog about the lock-ups.

Every day I have to lug my bike up & down the stairs, trying not to dirty the walls, just to get on my bike.

Remember I had 2 bikes stolen from the rails outside, so I will not let that happen again. I have to keep my bike inside.

Please try your utmost to get these brilliant lock-ups for us. It would improve Leabank Square's lives enormously.


Mohammed said...

Hi Guys

If I remember the Hackney Today article properly - wasn't it those good people at Transport for London that donated these Frampton Park loclers?

Either them - or LDA people.

Either way, they're wonderfull donators, and well worth a begging email. Try our very own Jules Pipe - isn't he also keen on getting us all on our bikes?

Good luck.


Jessica said...


I know we can't afford these ourselves - but it would be super if you could get us a sponsor Sóna.

These are perfect for the blocks of flats here in Leabank Square. Just to think - the little 'uns don't have to dirty our walls getting out for a ride. Not to mention - I will get some space back in the bedroom!


Slm said...

dese r kl man

my bike will not get jakked agn

pls get dem kwik

Beyza said...

What about Boris?

He cycles around a fair bit. As a mayor he seems to be pro-cycling - could the City Hall not sponsor these lock-ups?

Just a thought.......


kelly said...

these would be gr8 4 those of us who live in the blocks,i had to chain my daughters bike to the railings outside my door but had to remove it coz other neighbours complained it was a health hazard??so these would be very much appreciated,best of luck to you on this one

Leabank Square said...

Hi Kelly

I had the same problem when I chained our family's bikes to our rails. A snooty neighbour (who has since left us for somewhere posher) hinted that she didn't like looking at them all the time.

Then - bits of our bikes started dissapearing making it dangerous to use for the kids. So we had to bring them inside. But YOU know how little space we have in the flats!!

So far I have written to Jules Pipe, The Olympic People, Boris Johnson, The London Developemnt Agency, the company that makes the lock-ups, Hackney Council, Family Mosaic, and some big businesses like Virgin, B&Q, Coca Cola, etc.

Between all of those people - someone has to be generous huh?!


Leabank Square said...

This came in from the Mayor of Hackney today. Keep your fingers crossed everybody!

Dear Ms Abantu-Choudhury

Re: Cycle Lock-ups

Thank you for your email regarding the above matter, which was received in my office on 7th August 2008.

I have asked the Corporate Director of Neighbourhoods & Regeneration to look into this matter and as soon as I receive further information from her I will write to you again.

Yours sincerely

Jules Pipe

Mayor of Hackney

Leabank Square said...

This just in From Jules Pipe (our Mayor) again. So it's a NO for now - but could - maybe be a yes sometime in the future....

Dear Ms Abantu-Choudhury

Re: Cycle Lock ups

Thank you for your email regarding the above matter, which was received in my office on 7th August 2008.

Cycle parking for residents is an important issue for Hackney, as an Olympic borough with a relatively high level of both cycling and social housing. The Frampton Park Estate cycle lockers project was put in place after joint working between residents, Hackney Homes, Hackney Council’s Streetscene, the Police, and Transport for London.

At the moment Hackney Council does not have a programme for providing secure cycle parking on estates across the borough. However, I have been advisedHH that the Council is looking to put together a strategy of gaining funding and prioritising estates for these measures in partnership with other organisations.

I have been advised that lockers are not the only form of cycle parking that might be suitable in this case. A locked cycle cage containing 'sheffield stands' to which multiple bikes can be locked may be just as effective and a less expensive option. This may be better suited to your estate as it is a relatively small estate and the area in which the cage(s) are placed is, as you say, very visible and deters vandalism. This means that cycles do not have to be lifted to be locked in place, and provides an area where visitors can also park their bikes if their host has a key to the cage. Hackney Cyclists, the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney, may be able to advise you on the best option. Their co-ordinator Trevor Parsons is contactable via their website http://www.hackney-cyclists.org.uk/.

Hackney is supportive of this measure, and I have been assured that the Council is working on how to strategically address this issue across the borough. Funding sources and a prioritisation programme must be identified, and a number of organisations must work together. The timescale for this kind of programme is not short, and residents' needs and participation are crucial to this process.

I have also been advised that officers will explore whether there are any Olympic-related opportunities to provide a programme of secure cycle parking in your area, and they will contact you if they can identify an opportunity.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Highways and Engineering Team on 020 8356 2897.

Yours sincerely

Jules Pipe

Mayor of Hackney

Leabank Square said...

This came from Alix Stredwick last night:

Dear Sóna,
I drafted the response to your email to Hackney Council regarding the above issue. What I would like to add is the information below, if that might be helpful for you. This is in my personal capacity, as a Hackney resident and member of Hackney Cyclists, rather than my professional capacity at the council. If you would like further information/ideas then do contact Trevor Parsons at Hackney Cyclists. Or I would be happy to have a chat with you in my personal time (in personal capacity) - home number 020 8525 4512.
I hope you do manage to secure funding and processes to get some kind of secure storage in place.
With best wishes,
Alix Stredwick

You could firstly see if you could obtain full-funding or part-funding from sources other than Transport for London and Hackney Council, if you have not already.
I'm sure you are already aware that Hackney Homes estates have an Environmental Improvement Budget for their Tenants & Residents Associations. Residents can decide on what this funding is spent, so if there is a groundswell of support in your estate for cycle parking, you could persuade everyone to 'vote' to spend the money on lockers etc.
If your estate is not a Hackney Homes estate and is run by a housing association such as Southern Housing or the Guinness Trust, it is definitely a good idea to approach them and raise this issue. If you can obtain funding for an initial set of lockers, and trial the management of them by your Residents Association, proving that your system works, this in general helps build the case to present to other funders.

Leabank Square said...

This also came from Cllr Christine Boyd last night - but I'm not too sure if she knows just what's been happening between us & the ODA.

What does everyone think?

Should I give it a go?


This may be something the ODA would consider as part of social responsibility work, may be worth contacting Julia King?


Matt said...

Hi Sóna

I think Christine has a great idea!

Why DON'T we ask the Olympics people to sponsor the lock-ups?

Don't worry about the noise & dust problems we have had with them - they're a proffesional organisation full of grown-ups - they'll have put all that behind them by now.

It's part & parcel of building something on that scale. You are going to upset the neighbours.

But I am sure they'll be only too happy to help us out with the lock-ups. It will promote goodwill through a sporty donation.