Thursday, 7 August 2008

OPEN Olympic Park Engagement Network

Now that’s a whole heap better!!

I had a meeting with Georgia Sharpe, Richard Rook, Christian Nevercaughtsurname & Yvonne Folkes (from Hackney Council) about the Freedom of Information requests we sent off about the data from the noise & air pollution monitors.

First of all – I must say that it was an absolutely amazing meeting. As it was informal – we could chat about a whole lot of things that 1 go on the microphone at a public meeting can’t address.

I found Richard a very genuine, honest & straight person to deal with – and although I’m sure he will be far too busy as the construction starts getting more intense – I hope to have the occasional meeting over the next 4 years.

Georgia & I have had our run-ins (as everyone who attended the residents meeting will know) – but – out of the office – out of a formal road-show meeting – she is absolutely lovely to meet with. I say this because I know that there is still resentment about meeting up with the PR dept – I genuinely think we could cut through all the spin & gloss with Georgia. Think about it.

It was also great having Yvonne there to support us. This was a last minute arrangement & I was so glad she came as she made sure that the Olympic view was seen through us Hackney residents eyes as well.

The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the data (my head was spinning after going through it all – good luck to all your Plane Stupid contacts) – but as they were in our flat – they could see & hear for themselves just what some of the residents have to go through.

As soon as the data becomes available – any minute now – I’ll put what’s relevant up here.

But – as we’ve said a million times over – this is the largest construction site in Europe – we are going to have noise – we are going to have dust – we are going to be inconvenienced – we are probably going to be upset – but after it’s all over – we are GOING to have the Olympics on our doorstep!!

The best action point to come out of this brilliant meeting – is that we are going to be able to get regular local information about what’s coming to the Arena Fields part of the Olympic Site.

This means that we should know about any developments - weeks before any major construction activities happen right across from Leabank Square. We have all moaned & shouted about how little & irrelevant information we are getting from the Olympics. Well – now Richard has set in motion a mechanism for getting this info.

Please tell me just exactly what kind of information you would like to hear about in advance.

What kind of construction activities would you be keen on knowing about well before they start?

I will take these things to the next meeting here in Leabank Square next Wednesday – and hopefully we will all be able to move forward in a new partnership with our new neighbours.

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Anonymous said...

well whoopdidoo

did they tell you why they were cutting all our trees down

did they say that this was going to be the greenest olympics

Matt said...

Hi from sunny Cuba comrade!

I guess I want to know about any construction that is going to be immediately visible to us in Leabank Square.

This must mean that whenever I pop upstairs & look out of your window, I must have been told about everything I can see happening.

But then a general information about the major works, power centre, handball stadium, main stadium, pools, shopping centre, etc.

Thanks for holding the fort while most of us are in tropical climes.

Did you like the jazz clip?


Sue said...

Sorry about knocking you up at half past midnite but I had no credit.

What was that bloody noise?!

I know you said that they might be including a local news page on their site, but is there any way of putting up-to-date information about any emergency works (I'm hoping last nite was a one-off emergency) on this site as well?

It would be very handy to have this kind of information up as soon as someone can write it up.

See you at the meeting.

Sorry about last nite again, hope we didn't wake the kids up.


William said...

Hello Sona

Yes - I heard it early this morning as well!! Very irritating!!

Anyway, at tomorrows meeting, please could you ask them to tell us about any canal-side work on the tow-path. As you know, it's my daily jog route, and I know you cycle to work along it, so it would be handy to know - in advance - if there are going to be any closures, so we can make alternative plans.

I know it's not strictly on their site, but I am sure taht they will be doing 'stuff' on it anyway.

Thanks mate


Meagan said...

Hey Sóna

Thanks for the reminder.

There is something actually:

Can we all know AT LEAST 3 months in advance if anthing very noisy is going to happen. Terry once spoke about the repetetive noise 'pile driving' makes.

We NEED to know well in advance when ANY of this is going to happen ANYWHERE on Arena Fields.

See you guys Saturday.


Mohammed said...

Hi dude

Just got in.

Like I said on the towpath, do they have a webpage that has live data from our two monitors here in Leabank?

If they did, we could occasionally comment on what we thought a particular blip on the reading was, while it is still fresh in our memory.

Other than that, same as everyone else, just a lot more notice about any activities, loud or quiet, dusty or supressed, under or above ground, in front of us or behind in the park in general.


Mary said...

Hi you guys

I've just had a thought......

You know that we are asking for some sort of time line well in advance, of things happening over in Arena Fields....

Well is there any way they could somehow indicate what they think the level of noise, dust, inconvenience, etc is going to be.

Like on a scale of 1 to 10.

Maybe a sliding graph sort of thing? This would kind of prepare us all for what they think might be a tricky couple of weeks coming up, then we could maybe visit reletives for that period or something?

Call me if I haven't made myself too clear okay?


Gilly said...

Hello you 2

Thanks for the kick up the bum!!

The only request to add to all the above is if they could schedule a few WHOLE weekends in the construction that are NOISE-FREE, that would be very nice!!

This is especially true for the weekends in summer. As you know we could hardly talk audibly on a few of our barbies so far this summer (!).

It would be nice to know we could plan a few picnics & barbies without having to shout at each other!

I know - I've had so much time to think about this, and I can only add 1 point.

But I guess the most important point is a time line that is at least 3 months in advance - stating ALL the activities happening over in Arena Fields.

Please try & find out about when the bridge goes - so that we can re-schedule the party.

Thanks - see you Sunday.


Sue said...

Hi Sóna

What with this lot and the Co-op fandango - where do you find the time to email us with all these replies?!

Thanks very much for all you do, all 4 of you!

Okay.... so just because it did not register on their bloody data thingie doesn't mean that it is not irritating.

It's the mosquito priciple isn't it. Quite restful sleepfulled night. One bloody mozzie for the canal near you ear is not going to register on any data microphone, but is sure as hell going to annoy the sleep out of you!!

I don't care if their data thingies cannot hear anything, I CAN!

And I am their neighbour, I want to sleep peacefully next to them. I don't want their engines to wake me up!!

Bunch of bloody mozzies!! We will have to invent an olympic repelant to deal with them if it carries on!!


PS See you Sunday at the festival meeting

Sally said...

Hi it's Sally

Thanks for getting back to me.

It sounds like they're beginning to take us seriously. But please do NOT stop badgering them.

I know the more time you spend in front of paperwork, the less time you can guide us in the garden, but if we don't establish clear guidelines with these people from the start, then it will be much more difficult when the real noise starts!

Did you get the email from SPACE last night? What should Leabanks theme be? I was thinking 're-cycled'?

Let me know.


Meagan said...


The way you describe the maps sounds perfect for us. I can hang on for a couple of months , no problem.

I'm glad it went well. But like Sal says, please make sure you hold their attention. Don't let them give you wrong wind direction excuses again.

Well done!


Maria said...

Hi Shona

Thanks for the email mate. Brave man - having the Olympic peeps in your flat. What did Shanthi & Safiri make of them?

We'll see you guys at the meeting on Sunday - but from what you wrote - it sounds like there is a bit of a better dialogue going on between us & them. Why was that Hackney Council person there?

Oh - yes - Dario was asking if you'd asked the Olympic people to help us out re the cycle lock-ups?

Cycles = Sport = Olympics = Local Estate = Fitter Kids = Safer Cycle Storage = More Cyclists = Potential Olympic Cyclist From Next Door To Site = Donate Cycle Lock-Ups To Leabank Square?

Anyhow - chat to you at the weekend.


William said...

Did some person from the olympics REALLY not know what Arena Fields was?!

Did I read that correctly?

If so - I don't know what stopped you from throwing them out your window into the canal!!

It took an Act of Parliament to wrest that beautiful, lush, green & pleasant land away from us. Despite thousands of us signing your petition - the Great British Parliamentary Members still gave it to Coca Cola & Macdonalds in order to have jinoistic sports event!!

I find taht perhaps the most insulting part of yor email shona. I can sort of live with the soil washing machine for another year (but I still want you to appeal on our behalf), I can close my curtains to the constructions when I get too fed up - but I will never forget that that land was given to us 'in perpetuity' - but then stolen from us.

And then some ignorant olympic prick pretends he doesn't know what it is?

Release the bulldogs I say!!


Diedre said...


Forget all the dust & noise from our very = kind & considerate neighbours.....

This Yard Sale idea is great!!

How long have you been planning this then? I have heaps of old clothes & shoes & toys & STUFF!

Sóna - we have GOT to have this!!

Anyway to come back to the neighbours....

I'm with all the residents who want an appeal. But I want an appeal about the 7am start as well!!

To go straight from birds twittering to COLLOSAL racket is such a shock to my system, I know I won't be able to take it for 4 years!!

Not one of the olympic people have to wake up with this noise so early - so why should we?

This Robert Kavuma jerk should be made to swap his house with one of us for the next 4 years as punishment.

Appeal I say!!

Matt said...


Have you appealed yet?

Because I want an appeal on the 7 in the morning start as well!!

This is Saturday. I work hard all week on the underground. I deserve my off weekends to be noise-free. I deserve a lie-in.

What idiot in Hackney Council thought it was a good idea to wake me up at 7am on one of the few days I have off?! Does s/he live here? Do they have to start at 4am for the rest of the week and only have the occasional whole weekend free? Probably some high flying middle-class git/tess wanting to suck up to the cocacolalds lot over the canal.

Sorry to change my mind mate, but this morning was the last straw!!


Luke said...

Greetings Sóna

How come the only time Charlie Foreman contacts you is when you contact the media?

He must be sh*t-scared of Hackney Councils shoddy behavoiur in allowing these olympic sods to ride rough-shod over us neighbours.

Is he not just a LITTLE embarrassed?

I know you couldn't let out his deputy's accusation of back-handers from the olympics to his chief environment officer - WHILE chatting to the bbc - but I kinda wish you had let it slip. This is just the kind of thing they would love to get their teeth into.

Maybe she was right? Maybe someone on her team IS getting bribes from the olympic builders to extend these hours? What other excuse is there left for them to give? What other reason would they have to put their own residents health at risk with all this noise & dust?

I still think you should tell him though - unless of corse - HE is also getting a back-hander?

Still - it was funny - you talking to him - interrupting the bbc people. Don't worry - we only said the RIGHT things while you were 'unavoidably detained'!

But we ALL agree - we seroiusly think that council women was a plant. Either to f*cuk-up your negotiations with her accusations - or to spy for Charlie. I know you always try & see the best in people - but we suggest you don't take up his suggestion of her coming to the Kavuma meeting. Somethings not right about her - one way ot t'other!

Forward Brother!!

Matt said...

So now they f*ck-up my Sunday as well!?

Sóna - honestly mate - all they have been telling you is a crock of absolute bullshit!!

Did they for even a second hint that they were going to do work on Sundays as well?

You told me that the guy was umming & ahing about the occasional weekend free a few times a year. Meanwhile he was thinking 'Little do these pesky Leabankers know that I'm going to destroy their sleep patterns forever - starting this Sunday - HAHAHAHA!'

I have told the rads to go ahead with their action mate - let the tunnels begin!! I - for one don't mind not getting any sleep if I see action! Let's see how well they react to a bit of old-fashioned direct action!

How can they lie to you so blatantly & all you do is talk nicely to them? And you think I'm stupid by not letting them trace our numbers?! Now do you see what I'm getting at?!

Your time has come to an end mate. It's time for the real dialogue to begin!


Mary said...

Hi Sóna

So was it the same joker from Hackney Council who gave permission for them to extend the hours mon-sat, that allowed them to start working on sundays now as well?

Please can you find out?

You know, the more I think about what you said about the Hackney Council woman hinting that someone bribed her coleague, the more I think there's some truth to it.

I mean, how else would a constructor be able to ignore local residents in such a rude and arrogant manner?

How else would they be able to compltetely by-pass local consultation?

It can only mean that someone in Hackney Council took money from the olympic people to pretend that us locals gave it all the support it needed.

I say go right ahead with that Andrew Gilligan guy, after all, he got rid of Red Ken didn't he? Maybe he really CAN get answers from the top olympic people? Did he say when he's going to get back?

Good meeting by the way!


Leabank Square said...

Whoa, WHOA, WHOAAAA there people!!

All I said was that I never understood why Yvonne requested to attend these meetings. And then repeated the 'in your back pocket' spat between Georgia & Yvonne.

It's a JFK & Diana leap from that - to bribery between Hackney Council & the ODA!!

I admit - I cannot understand why it seems like we're back at square 1 with the Olympic people.

When I cleared our answer-phone this morning - some Olympic Suit also seemed genuinely perplexed at the reason you people couldn't enjoy your barbie as well.

Either that - or he is a brilliant actor!!

Seriously - I think the Olympic organisation is just TOO large & unwieldy for ANYONE to know what's going on ALL the time. These slip-ups are going to happen!!

Just why they happen to US is a matter I'll take up with them when I get a chance. I thought they may be just a tiny bit more sensitive to our concerns in the light of recnt meetings & chats. But it seems they THOUGHT they'd placated us & moved on to more serious matters like applying for even longer noise-working hours!

You guys - I can only report back what is actually said. So I genuinely knew nothing about Sunday. I know nothing about bribery between the Olympics & Hackney Council. I have not heard back from Robert Kavuma. I will appeal against a Sunday operations if I find the 'Notice' signed by Hackney Council. Remember - I am also a member of the Residents Association. I am also concerned about the dog-poo, the entrance parking, the lack of wheelie-bins, the mindless litter, the mismangement by PMMS, the increase in day-tripper parking, etc.


Anonymous said...


Matt said...

Hey Sóna

I should be back next week Friday with some amazing pics to show you. Time-warp cadillacs & double basses!!

It sounds like it's all kicking-off back there. Hold steady mate.

I'm going to need a bit of shut-eye when I return, so please get that ruddy soil-washing machine switched off before I get back OKAY!?


Julie said...

Hey Sóna

I've been holding my breathe for a few days now!!

What absolute bliss to be able to relax after a hard days work and throw open the balconey doors and hear birds again!?

Is this all because we appealed to Robert?

If so I'm sure the Olympic lot will open their bag'o'tricks soon and pull another clause/licence/subsection thingie out soon.

But we'll fight that one too when it comes.

Anyhow, for now, I really am enjoying the peace and quiet at the end of the day. Any news on getting the 7am start put back to 8am yet?


Leabank Square said...

Hi all


Here are the links.....

I did your bidding & got it into the locals. Please hold off on the standard & the nationals. I've put them all on hold - but they're still knocking on doors. If they knock you up - please refer them to me if you can. But - please - if you want to go ahead - then please do by all means. But either speak in your persoanl capacity - or only say what we all agreed to say if you're speaking on the associations behalf.

Please contact me if you're not sure.

The East London Advertiser:

The Hackney Gazette:

Anything else?


Maria said...

Hey Sóna

I don't know how everyone else feels now - but I think we should hold off on the BBC & Standard people for as long as we can.

Of course they can snoop around the square & try to find other some more people to speak to - but as far as the association is concerned - lets keep it quiet until the meeting with Hackney Council.

Why did the Yvonne person hint that there was some 'interresting' news? What has Hackney found out that the olympic people didn't tell us? Let's first have the meeting before we chat to any more reporters okay?

Please add a comment if you think otherwise.


Leabank Square said...

Hello Maria

I think this is a great idea!!

Remember - after all is said & done - we are going to have an amazing park right opposite Leabank Square in 4 years time.

Sure we are going to be inconvenienced, sure we are going to be woken up early, sure we are going to be kept up late, sure we are going to be irritated by stuff - BUT stuff happens!

We all know that we have enough going on in Leabank Square (new newsletter out next week) to give us more than 4 years worth of inconvenience & irritations - without getting wound up by the noise & dust that comes from ANY construction site.

Aaaaaaanyway - the councils people are meeting the Olympic people on Monday the 1st Sept. The front 3 blocks are then meeting the councils people on Wednsday 3rd Sept to discuss their discussion.

Please don't hold your breath for double glazing - it will NEVER happen - but a later start might.


Greg said...

Hey Sóna

I REALLY don't think you've blown it with the Olympic lot.

We are their neighbours, they were being anti-social, we needed to sort it out, you drew the short straw, you're the rep for Leabank now, we need to start asking for stuff, you're still the rep, we ALL want you to continue speaking to them, follow Cllr Christine's advice & ask about the cycle-lock-ups, they're grown-ups, they'll have moved on from our tiff, we still have to speak to them for 4 more years, whats the worse they can say?

Any news on the logs?

Speak to you at the meeting.


TaggerX said...

Hey Sóna

Good luck with today's meeting. Ask them why they 'are not OBLIGED to consult with local residents' - are they - or are they not our OUR council.

We pay their wages!!


Phillip said...

Thanks for the email mate.

Sounds ominous!! Anyway - lets see whats on offer before we pass judgement.

Remember - none of the people doing any of these negotiations were in Leabank Square United playing footie on a lovely Arena Fields just a couple of years ago!

They all joined up when the whole site had already been stolen from us, so they do not have ANY emotional attachment to it. To them it has ALWAYS been a building site. It's not particularly their fault - it's bloody Tony Blair for allowing the Act of Parliament to go through taking away Arena Fields from 'the public' forever.

Let's hope that we still get some of it back when the Legacy paper comes out next spring.

Don't be too harsh on these 'suits' (as you call them), they have no idea what was there before they arrived, and they're only doing their job.

Anyhow - lets see where they're going to add the extra hours on in order to give us peace from 8pm.

Did you mention the jumbo jet water refiller engines? Surely there must be quieter ways of refilling the resevoir? Tipper trucks rely on gravity, are there any water tipper trucks?

Nice work on the emails tho - I see you copied Simon in as well - I think they're away on holiday just now.


Matt said...


When you meet the Ologists on Monday - please also ask if they have any additional stumpy logs - that we can use to divide the borders up with.

Your idea of dotting them in the border to demarcate the pumpkins from the beans from the potatoes, etc - is a great one.

Plus then we could hollow them out & grow something bright in the centre.

I know it's a bit cheeky - but this may be the only shout we get from the Olympic people - so make the most of it!!

I'll speak to you later on Monday to see how it went! Good Luck!!!!


Greg said...

Hi Sóna

Too bad on the old logs front huh?!

But like that George guy said, maybe we should approach tree surgeon comapnies to see if they don't mind trucking some over to us.

Did you ask if they could drop off a trucload of soil yet? We KNOW they have loads of that!!

Anyhow, I'll see you at the meeting on Sat.



TaggerX said...

Hi Sóna

Right - it's time to do another entry about this noise & dust situation. This entry is too far back in the archives for us all to debate it here.

I know that we have all been incredibly busy on the Festival, but that hasn't stopped us all moaning about the noise & dust!! We need to put it on the next meetings agenda, no matter how much we need to talk PMMS.

Sóna, we would like you to get back to georgina (?) and get some more answers.

How far along is this time line thing? How come we have not seen a single bowser & dust spraying thing on the mounds? Both cameras are due to be checked later today, but I can guarantee that there has been no dust supression, even at night. I know i had to clean the lens on mine every day because of the dust, I'm sure Su had the same problem.

Ask them why they lied to us about dust suppresion - lied to your face!!

Come on people, lets get back to putting pressure on these idiots who come and say nice things to Sóna, and then blighthly go back across the canal and do the same thing again!!

Is it about time we got them to a meeting and superglued our hands to theirs for the media?


Mary said...

Hey TaggerX

You're absolutely right!!

We've been so busy with all the other things in the square this past month that we've taken our very dusty eye off the olympic ball.

I think Sóna should do the BBC london radio interview. They have been begging him for many days now, so at this weeks meeting I think we should all agree for him to do it. The olympic people think that just because they gave you answers, does not mean that they can carry on burying us under this huge dust cloud!!

Everyone at the festival was amazed that we tolerate the noise & dust from over the canal.

Sóna, I still think that you are the best person to chat to them, but I would like you to more accurately represent our anger about the situation. Don't fly off the handle, but let them know that there are some seriously pissed off people here.


Steve said...

Hi Gang!

Shona I think it would be a good idea to start a new link as well.

I think we all cannot see this last one, so , although we are ALL still yakking about the bloody noise and dust, we have not been networking about it.

A good subject for it would be that we have not seen a single water spray on the mounds that they are working on at the moment.

This time you can see the dust lifting off and flying over here. If you review the tapes you can physically see the dust!!!

Please Shona, these olympic peeps are getting too complacent. As you said that suit said, we have to keep REMINDING them!


Maria said...

HI Sóna

I have just completed the most boring job ibn the world!!

Reviewing one whole months worth of fliming (TWICE!) for both cameras!!

I can honestly say that there has been ABSOLUTELY NO DUST SUPPRESSION done of the Arena Fields site!!

The olympic people are lying to your face in your own living room!!

They are welcome to buy a copy of the tapes to trawl through if they want, but will also waste a few days of their lives!!

Sóna, I know you don't have any time to look through the tapes, but you can trust me to back you up when you have the next discussion with them about noise & dust!!

Not only is there NO DUST SUPPRESSION being done, they are working on the largest mounds of sand now, which sends such a lot of dust over that I constantly have to clean the window in front of the camera!

We all know that at least one childs astma has gotten a whole lot worse since the work, and that we are all breathing in unwashed soil ALL DAY LONG!!

Let's sort out their lies for once and for all!!


Anonymous said...

Fact: The Olympics are coming in 2012.

Fact: The construction is going to be horrendous for Leabank Square.

Fact: We are never going to be able to have ANY influence over the dust and noise coming over from the Olympic site.

Fact: The people from the community relations dept of the ODA are paid to buffer our frustrations from the construction managers.

Fact: The people from the community relations dept of the ODA do not ACTUALLY care about our well-being.

Fact: The Olympic Delivery Authority does not give a sh*t about its neighbours, it simply needs to deliver the Olympics.

Fact: The Olympic legacy will not have anything for Leabank Square, they will not even give us our tiny bit of Arena Fields back.

Fact: If you live in Leabank Square, you have nothing to lose by giving the Olympic managers all HELL from now until after the Olympics!!

Fact: We can attend as many meetings and consultations as we like, but nothing will change all the above facts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sóna

I agree with anon. We ALL know that there is nothing good for Leabank Square gonna come out of the olympics.

We lost our beloved Arena Fields, we have probably got another bloody evangelical church coming into the white elephant thats gonna be the media centre, we've lost all our meadows and trees, we'll have no extra jobs after the games, we're f*cked basically.


Hackney Wick is not Hampstead. We will never EVER be taken seriously by anyone, because we are irrelevant to the powers that be, whether its the olympics, the council, or even the government.

Would they ever have sited the Olympics in Hampstead Heath?

Would they ever have used an ACT OF PARLIAMENT to take land away from the middle classes of Richmond Park?

Would they have ignored the residents of Wimbledon Common if they had said there was too much noise and dust from the construction?


But Hackney Wick? Well - who lives there? Oh just a bunch of poor Londoners too busy trying to scrape a living together - that they'll never have time to give us any trouble.

Well - trouble is on the way!!

James said...


Have you had time to review the tapes of the Olympic site yet?

A few of us have had a go and cannot see a single attempt at dust suppression at all!!

I think it's about time to do a new link at the top of the blog so we can all be reminded what LIARS they are!!

Speaking of monitors.....

How are the councils microphones and air particle monitors at your flat going?

How soon do we get the data to compare it to the Olympic data?

Aren't you worried that the council are recording ALL the noise coming from around your flat? The reason I didn't want it at my balconey was that it seemed a bit Big Brotherish.

But, if we've got nothing to hide.......

See you at the meeting.


Luke said...

Hi Sóna

Any news on this promised 'timeline' that you were all sooooo proud of a few months ago?

There is a lot happening to Arena Fields that I want to know about. Loads of digging, scraping, trucking, chopping,etc that I really want to be able to tell the kids about.

What these olympic lot really do NOT get in their THICK skulls, is that Arena Fields BELOGED to us a few months ago. We used to walk the dogs, play football, have picnics, have romantic walks all over the Fields.

Now it is been ravavged, and you managed to obtain an agreement for this timeline out of them, and we NEED it.

Please get back to me, or tell me at the meeting.


Dirk said...


I know you are very busy (at full time work, and) dealing with the lawyers, gardening, DIYing, meeting, festivalling, etc. - but we really DO need a new link dealing with the Olympics NOW!

Make it fairly nuetral, and see what the ambience feelings are at the moment.


TaggerX said...

You see why I said we should appeal the 7.00am start?!

They are starting to dig right next to the fence, about 7 metres away from Leabank Square now. And the flipping noise is incredible at 7.00am!!

Of course, some of us are already up, but all we want is to open the balcony door and have toast & tea in quiet. Instead - we have an almighty bloody racket at this breakfast time hour!!

Sóna, when you hook up with Robert Kavuma next week, please see if we can appeal and shift back to 8.00am PLLLEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

Did you say yes to Lisa at BBC yet? They wanted to do it at 7.00am anyway, so it would be ideal, so that they can actually hear the noise live!!

Sort it out mate!!


Digger said...

Hello Sóna

I hope everything went well with all your work on the Mandela Foundation over these past few weeks. If it was judged on sheer determination, then you definetley succeeded. Lets hope this credit crunch thing is not going to make people change their minds.

Once you've caught your breath, I too would like a new thread on the dust and noise situation. The tapes prove that absolutely no dampening down is ever done, this at a time they're queing up those massive trucks flattening those hills.

I really feel for Fabian with his son having so many asthma attacks. This is shocking news, and I will raise it with the lawyers.

Once again, good luck with all the fund-raising, I'm sure you guys will make it.

Speak to you at the meeting.


Geoffrey said...

Hey Sóna

They are back to waking us all up at 7.00am on a bloody Sunday morning again!!

If there wasn't this credit crunch going on, I'd put my flat on the market tomorrow. I cannot take 4 years of this shit man!!

Please make them stop!!


Ashton said...

Hey Sóna

Can you make these people start later in the morning man!!!

7.00am is just far too early for some of us you know?!

It was okay when we thought we was gonna get stuff like swimming pools for kids, jobs in TV studios, a comminity centre in da handball court, Arena Fields back - Man!!

But now we know theres gonna be empty buildings and rubble - its not worth it man!!

I wanna wake up QUIETLY when I wanna - not when day tell me to!!