Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Good Luck Tony!!

Guess what!?!

Tony passed his theory test with flying colours! Well done Tony! I am sure your daughter especially - but every single one of us here in Leabank Square - are immensely proud of you!!

You have no idea how amazing it would be to glance over the canal & see you driving that big ol' forklift truck past Leabank Square. Actually - while you're there - could you educate the rest of the drivers about reverse-bleeper-etiquette!

Tony - we all wish you the best of luck out in Erith withe the practical exam. Think of it as a giant Tonka-Toy - and you can make it do whatever you want it to do. I know it's a lot bigger than the forklift trucks you've driven before - but surely it does more-or-less the same?

Oh yes ......... and Tony has another treat for all of us as well!!

Please check out Maya & Ella ( singing & playing piano. They are Tony's nieces - and definitely the most talented kids around! Please could you give them some excellent ratings?!

But Tony - we are all rooting for you mate. It would be fantastic to have at least one resident getting a job over on the Olympic site. Take it easy, be calm and you'll sail through the exam.

Best of luck!!


Debs & Mike said...

Tony me ol mucker!! Good on ya mate! We know you'll do the thing. Give it ya best shot and all. Its all they can ask.
Debs & Mike

Mary said...

Ah Tony, best of luck. You're one of the most hardest working Leabankers around, so you don't really need luck. You'll do it so easily. Come on Leabank Square, any more residents want some work at the olympics?

Pete said...

Hey Tony - break a leg man. Or maybe on second thoughts, don't break anything. Just take a deep breathe and take it nice and easy.

Zoulla said...

Congrats Tony, pleased for you.
And your neices are little treasures

Derek said...

Hi Tony - Well done on the theory & best of luck with the rest of the course. The whole of leabank square is with you mate - we all want to see you driving all over arena fields with that forklift truck. I'm sure you'll make us all even more proud of you. Derek

Ms Scarlett said...

Go 4 it Tony! We wish you all the best for the exam!
Ms Scarlett

Dirk said...

Good on ya Tony! Well done AND a little Leabank Square Sparrow tells me you've passed the practical AS WELL?!
You gonna make us all proud Tony, keep it up mate!!

Stella said...

OMG Tony, Well done! All that studying has paid off! Please keep on with the great work and keep on keeping on!

Matt said...

Tony, well done mate!! Sóna tells me that you passed the practical as well!! Please keep up the amazing dedication Tony - we are all holding out hoping we see you through the fence in a few weeks time!!

Greg said...

Great to hear about your hard work paying off Tony. You have been such an inspiration that I've decided to get off my butt and start a catering course with Hackney College. Maybe I'll be serving you your fry-up on your lunch break on the Olympic site one of these days.

Dirk said...

Hey Tony, I've only seen this thread today - so please let me add my congrats to your fan list! Well done!

D said...

Hi Tony, well done bruv. You gone & shown us all just how to do it. Go get dat certificate man!