Thursday, 27 August 2009

Leabank Square Sunflower Art

Hows this for a neat idea?!

Ryan & Zac have come up with a great way to have some summer holiday fun, do graffiti, and bring out our creative juices!

It's called Sunflower Art!

Simply choose an old sunflower that's lost it's petals (they've 'gone over' in gardening terms) - and design a picture, write a message, create a pattern, 'spray' your tag - on the face of the sunflower by plucking the seeds out.

Just please don't forget to save the seeds for next years sunflower growing season.

Thanks Zac & Ryan - as usual you guys have come up with an amazingly creative way to decorate Leabank Square!!


e9 said...

kl. looks sick man. e9

Pete said...

Hi Sona
How about we chop off all the spent flowers and save them for the festival. That way many more residents can have a go at creating sunflower art.