Sunday, 16 August 2009

Spooky Leabank Square Carrots.

As Sundays are the only Olympic-noise-free days left to us – a very special thanks to everyone who spent the whole day watering, weeding, pruning, tidying, painting the riverbank – getting it ready for the Hackney Wick Festival.

And we harvested some delicious fruit & veg! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

But look at the incredible carrots! Is this just a freak of nature – or is there something toxic floating over the canal.


Su said...

Ahhhhhh cute!

charlies angels said...

Hey Shona

THAT truly is a sight for sore (rabbit's) eyes!!! LOL

lee_delta said...

Are you sure you've prepared your soil to be free of stones to prevent bifurcated roots?
(Doesn't matter of course, with a bit more prep they'll taste super, unlike the watery supermarket clones - sorry LBSqu-grrrrls that's prob not what you wanted to hear)