Thursday, 7 January 2010


Please take care of yourselves in these sub zero temperatures!

There are many unique things about Leabank Square, but the most important is that it is a private square. It does not belong to Hackney Council like every other estate neighbouring us.

So you will see gritters, path clearer's & council cleaners making all the paths and roads safe for them. Whereas Leabank Square is left to it's own devices!!

This means YOU!

No one else is coming to shovel, grit and clean up around your front door and our ring road. We need to do it ourselves. So - if we all do the area outside our own doors - and a bit further - then we will have a safer & cleaner Leabank Square.


Zoulla said...

with all the "service charges" we pay to the Management agencies, surely there should be someone responsible for at least gritting the roads. Perhaps they should at least have a grit/salt box that isn't locked so we can actually use the grit!!!

Paul said...

I agree with Zoulla, we ALL pay a lot of money to them, the least we can expect is a basic level of service. Maybe this is something we could raise at the Feb meeting with them?