Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Draft Hackney Wick Area Action Plan

The first Hackney Wick Area Action Plan consultation is set for this coming Thursday 14th January between 6pm & 8pm - at the Hackney Wick Community Centre.

This is when we all get to comment on the Hackney Wick Masterplan.

There are 3 separate proposals for improving this part of Hackney Wick. This means that Hackney Council are thinking of re-organising the lay-out of the streets, parks, tow-paths & sidewalks - in order to make all our lives a whole heap better.

Please - Leabank Square - we need to go down to the Hackney Wick Community Centre in order to comment and discuss all these changes.

The two major changes that could happen here in Leabank Square are a foot-bridge over the canal into the Olympic Park through our square - and/or maybe opening up our Leabank Square Riverside Garden - including it in a tow-path on our side of the canal.

These would have major effects on how we live our lives after the Olympics have gone. If you don't attend, you will be so disappointed if something changes & you said nothing!


Tony said...

Sóna there is NO WAY they must be allowed to take our riverside away from us! Imagine all the anti-social stuff that happens on the other side tow-path coming over to OUR side?! NEVER!

Su said...

Hey Sóna
We have got to stop this stupid idea right at the begining! Tony is right. All the joy-riders, yobs, jock-strap cyclists, angry dog walkers & ne'er do wells looking into our bedroom windows will ALL be having a field day.
We must ALL go down to these meetings!

Paul said...

I know you are all working hard on that masterplan Sóna, but you have got to tell the rest of the committee that the Riverbank is completely out of the question! What would be the benefit to Leabank Square? Absolutely nothing! The only changes would be negative!

Anonymous said...
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Mohamed said...

Hi Sóna
What's wrong with Atlas Wharf? How come they can't cpo any land along their driveway for the bridge? I really would NOT want either a bridge OR a towpath along our side of the canal. I'll be giving them a what-for at the meeting I tell you!

Mary said...

Dear Sóna
You will struggle to find a single Leabanker who would like to open the towpath on our side of the canal! Imagine the already high crime rate in Leabank when the toe rags have a clear escape route along the towpath?! We will never let it happen!

Keesha said...

NOWAY! We MUST NOT let this happen man! Ok so I was a bit emo yesterday, But I still feel da same! Just imagine all the aggro

Maria said...

I'm sorry Sóna but this is impossible. To have the public walking past all our bedroom windows less than 5 feet away at their level would be a major problem. This is a family square and has always been private and must always remain so.

Debbie said...

Hey Mo, I think you might have something there with the Atlas Wharf thing. In all the discussions I don't think I heard anyone even mentioning it. Sona, can you possibly follow that up? It kames a lot more sense having a bridge crossing from there than here or Wick Village.

Anna said...

Thanks for the email guys. I sorta remember you all talking about this in the summer, but it seems much more real now. We have got to fight this with everything we've got. Shona, please make sure the partnership understand just how we ALL feel. If the towpath went from the station to a bridge in Atlas Wharf, no probs. But it has to stop there! It cannot come past Leabank.

Matt said...

How many emails are flying around us at the moment?! I have never seen as much traffic about any news in Leabank like this!
I agree with everyone, we have got to put Hackney Council in their place. The whole USP about Leabank Square is the bank of the Lea. Our bank belongs to us! The architects designed Leabank with only one entrance for very sound reasons. It creates a sense of safety and security. Open up a whole length of extra entrance, and we will get a whole lot of more problems.
We have got to do everything in our power to stop this.

Pete said...

Sóna, please plead with the rest of the Partnership to put a stop to this madness. We simply cannot have pedestrians passing so close to our bedroom windows for ALL sorts of logical reasons.

Dirk said...

Thanks Sóna
Good meeting. These 3 blocks have much more to lose than the rest of the squareif this goes ahead, but at some stage we need to get everyone behind us as well.
Still, I think we've got excellent action points, even if I say so myself.

José said...

There were some well made points yesterday, but the OLC need to get real as well. That patch of green directly opposite us has got to be protected by HC with planning law. If not, it is ripe for future development when the economy turns. Get on Charlies back Sóna. The middle block also needs to get a bit more involved through Tom. I think he's a bit frustrated without support. All in all though, good meeting. Thanks Paul.

Leabank Square said...
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Jess said...

What about that thing Ms Scarlet said about the school bridge? If they put in back, the public still can't use it. They MUST site it in Atlas wharf. But the tow path MUST not pass us. That is completely unacceptable.

Matt said...

Hi Sóna, thanks for the minutes. Sorry we couldn't make it. The actions look great. We'll take 4 & 7. Let's go for it.

Gillian said...

Sóna how realistic is this? Can HC actually cpo our riverbank? We now know who actually owns it, so it would take a massive fight for them to get hold of it.
The bigger fight is the bridge. I agree that we all suggest Atlas as the only wish for Leabank. Let HC then take that up with that landlord.

Luke said...

Cheers for the notes mate. They seem to capture the feelings well. Tell everyone not to worry too much, they simply can't take our riverside away like that. I like the gardening ideas though. We need that green man.

Derek said...

Sóna, If they do take the suggestion of the atlas bridge, then I want a very high fence put up in between it and us. My property is the first one on that side, and so would be a target. Thanks for the meet.

Ms Scarlettttt said...

What a gaggle huh?! Thanks for the invite Paul. I think these 3 blocks are better off without the rest for the time being. I'm with Tom about the tow-path, and with Tony about the bridge. Let us know what the final scores are OK?
Ms Scarlettttttt

Mary said...

Sóna, it's all good'n'well there being no-one at the meeting who wants the tow-path, but we also need to find out if there is actually any-one else in Leabank who is actually IN FAVOUR of the tow-path?
If it's 100% against, then we stand an even bigger chance of stopping this stupidness.