Saturday, 23 January 2010

George Meressa Does Laps for Haiti

Pic: Z

We are sure that everyone in Leabank Square is very proud of George for doing his sponsored 25 (!) laps of our green!!!!

George - you are an absolute inspiration to the rest of us - and we can all support your fundraising efforts by donating any spare change we might have for your Haiti run.

You can still donate to by visiting - but please thank George by leaving a message as well!!

Well done George!!


Tony said...

This just shows you what the youth of today are like! Brilliant people!

Zoulla said...

Well done George, You're truly a star!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, George. Individually we can only do a little, but all of our littles put together can make a big difference to people in a desperate situation. Thanks for doing on behalf of all of us.

Anna said...

Well Done George! You are just the kind of person Leabank Square should be full of!