Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blue Hopi Corn Planted Up

The gardening club got hold of some rare blue Hopi corn seeds - and planted them up today. These should be ready for August/September.

Found primarily in North America's Southwest, blue corn has been a staple food of Native Americans - including the Hopi, Pueblo, Navajo & Zuni tribes - for hundreds of years.

Blue flour corn, made of primarily soft starches, is used for blue corn flour & cornmeal, and for making blue corn tortillas and blue corn chips. It’s a bit coarser than yellow or white meal, but is somewhat sweeter & nuttier in flavor. It also contains about 20% more protein & up to 50% more iron than other varieties of corn.

The seeds are in the greenhouse until they are ready to go onto the green. They will go on the north side of the main green as this gets the most sun. Not only will they look absolutely stunning - but they will be the tastiest corn you have ever tried. Watch this space!!!!


Tony said...

mmmmmmmmmmm I can taste them already! All we need now is a giant pestle & mortar. Then we can make our own rortillas!

Anna said...

Hi U2. I think these are going to look spectacular (as well as be delicious I'm sure) on the green.

Last year - magnificent sunflowers - this - stunning corn!! Thank you for all that you do in the gardens.

Dee said...

I think you should plant them on the north side of the green as it gets a lot more sun than my side. Corn needs loadsa sun and water in order to grow sweet and scumptious.

Corn Fritters said...

For us, this is unusual way of planting corn. We done it directly on the ground.