Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Leabank Square's Beautiful Daffs

I’m sure you’ll agree the daffs have been a delightful sight after one of the coldest winters in decades!

Sadly the blooms are coming to an end but it’s really important that the plants stay in the ground for a few more weeks, for some really important stuff to occur.

Leaving the spent daffodil plants in the ground ensures that the energy from the leaves are put back into the bulbs. This means that we’ll have a bigger and better display of daffs next year!

A BIG thank you to all the gardeners who were involved in the purchasing and planting of these cheery flowers.


Anna said...

They still look beautiful. I love the ones under the cherry trees - all bright and cheerful.

Matt said...

You know, that's the thing about this blog, not only do we get the latest news & views, but ace gardening tips as well. I was thinking of pulling my bulbs out now that the flowers are gone. Instead I'll leave them in for next year too. Thanks

Su said...

The daffoldils look so lovely, thanks for planting them for us. I specially like the ones under the cherry trees in the front entrance.