Sunday, 11 April 2010

Leabank Square Gardening Club - Recycled Garden

The Leabank Square Gardening Club tackled the Recycled Garden today - and what a massively productive day it was?!

After the obligatory cuppa & delicious yum yums - they set about clearing the north bank of all the weeds, grasses and a couple of self seeding sycamore & alder trees. The north bank looks absolutely brilliant now - and we are all thinking very hard about what to do with this space next.

Then they planted up the herb seedlings into trays ready for a few weeks nurturing - before transplanting into the edible garden & green. Today they sowed chives, parsley, mint & some peas (earlies).

We were so very lucky with the brilliant sunshine - that we did a bit more than was intended - but all felt full of the joys of spring afterwards. Thank you to everyone who turned out today - together we are all making Leabank Square a more loving place to live in!


Tom said...

Thanks to all of you who made our view so much more lovely this morning. Sorry I couldn't stop, but thanks for all your hard work.

Anna said...

I just took a look up at the top of the stairs, and I agree that you guys made a huge difference to the garden. I can't wait for the weather to warm up more and enjoy all your hard work. Thank you.

Steph said...

Looking good guys! I can't see behind your 2 blocks, but from the middle it looks gooooooood.

Keesha said...

It looks beautiful up there gang. Thanks for doing it all up. Still glad you got it locked tho. I would hate for any aksidents to happen.
I think it puts leabank in a positive lite for the olympics people across the river. Very nice and neat.

Paul said...

Just had a peek as well. It looks stunning, specially in the lamplight. Thanks all.

Su said...

Thanks for tidying up the riverbank everyone. Just in time for the summer as well.

Matt said...

The Lea Bank looks more beautiful than ever! Thank you to everyone who helped out.