Sunday, 10 October 2010

Purple Crocus Planting in Beautiful Sunshine!

Thanks to everyone who turned out to plant the purple crocus path today! In no time at all we planted all the 300 Ruby Giant Crocus bulbs kindly donated by the Eden Project & Rotary International.

The reason for the colour purple - is that it is the same colour of the dye that kids in the developing world have to dip their fingers in after Polio inoculation. This stays on their fingertips for a couple of months - enabling health workers to identify which children still to immunise.

The beauty of these bulbs is that they will come up year after year - making the path along the fence look stunning every spring. And - of course - it just happens to be Leabank Purple as well!

Besides the stunning autumn sunshine today - always the best thing about the Leabank Square Gardening Club - is the great friendships struck between neighbours. Thanks everyone!


Matt said...

Thanks Gardening Club, can't wait for next spring!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the winter brings, you'll still be the thought of spring and the prospect of crocuses to come.

Fi said...

Ahhhh thanks everyone! It's gonna look fab!