Friday, 29 October 2010

Leabank Square Survey

This just in from Nancy - secretary of the Leabank Square Community Association. She needs as many volunteers as possible to help out doing a door-to-door survey about some issues in our lovely square.

Please get back to her on with your kind offers of support - and help find out what we all feel about living here.

Dear all

The LSCA are going to be conducting a door to door survey in the next few weeks to ask everyone on the Square for their ideas and feelings about living in Leabank.

We will include questions about:
A new front entrance to the Square
Security & anti-social behaviour
Gardening in the Square

Please let us know if you have any ideas about other things we should include and also if you would can help us do the survey; talking to your neighbours and getting their feedback etc.

Many thanks


Tony said...

Hey Sona
Great pic, you can see just how much the Olympic Stadium dwarfs us huh?
I think this survey will probably be a good thing, depends on how you use the info.
If we tell you about all the anti-social behaviour that affects us, just how are you gonna put that right? I mean, what are you gonna do with the results? It's all good and well knowing stuff, it's what you do with the stuff that I want to know.
But, I'm all for this.

Anna said...

Shona, I think I'm all surveyed out at the moment. This first block gets hit by at least 2 schools, 2 unis, and then the council & olympic types a week! Please could you skip me for now and ask me another time?

Dee said...

Ahhh no - not another survey mate! Didn't you do one a few months ago? I'm sure I'm still going to tell you the same as last time:

'I want palm trees'
'Keep up the good work'
'I want a map'
'I want a notice board'

Oh well - 3 out of 4 anin't bad!

Fi said...

hi guys. i know we've had many knocks on doors, hey does anyone else get the bloody jehovas witnesses every saturday, or are they only picking on me? ...but we need to sort those kids who bash balls against the side of our building out for once and for all. i know someone sent out some circular a few weeks ago, but its useless without some more signs. anyhow, ask me about these kids and i won't stop talking. gates in front entrance, as long as i can still cycle thru i'm happy. gardens, you guys do a great job with no money, good on yous.
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Matt said...

Nuisance neighbours should be added to the list as well. What should we do about music booming through our walls and cielings. I hope this is not just going to be an academic waste of time either. If I'm going to spend some time answering questions, I want something done about my answers. Please don't waste my time just for the sake of it.

Anonymous said...

whodis nancy

Anonymous said...
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Sipho said...

Eita Bra
Llulwuwe am Atos Origing & Devlan si dunza mé kalhani. Duzi âma setwhena du Lhati ó ODA dezuma. Sepunza di Kathlati âma ez.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great! Another survey!