Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Scrap Metal Thieves Strike Again!!!

Last Friday - a white van with a couple of guys in fluorescents - drove into Leabank Square - and lifted the metal sewer lids - popped them into the back of the van - and drove off.

They were so quick- that when Tony saw them through his window - by the time he got down to ask them who they were - they'd driven off. These guys have definitely done this a few times before.

They might even be the same bunch who got our garden tools last summer!! Sometimes they are the same white vans who are doing the fly-tipping. They arrive with builders rubble - dump it - and then load up 'scrap' metal.

A big thank you to Family Mosaic for screwing wooden covers over the holes so promptly - but the first dump truck that parks on top of it - they'll be trapped in a hole.

Please always ask any white van men - just who they are, what they are doing & who gave them permission to do it. If possible - try & get a few pics on your camera - and pass them on to us or our Local Neighbourhood Team.

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Tom said...

Go Family Mosaic! Our service charge actually does something good?! Well I never!