Saturday, 4 December 2010

Room to Rent in Leabank Square

This blog gets requests all the time from people all over London - looking to move into our lovely square. Well this time - we have an appeal from the square - looking for a new neighbour.

Two of our lovely residents are looking for a 3rd female to share one of the flats in block 34-45.

It's a double room - and they're looking for a creative type as they're creative as well.

Please see: for more info - and if you're interested - come & have a look.

Together we will all populate Leabank Square with the loveliest people!


Anonymous said...

A question for you. Why is Hackney Wick called Hackney Wick?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't wait, went looking for it and eventually found that Wick is Old English in origin, meaning "village". So maybe this is where Hackney started and then it spread west?