Sunday, 12 December 2010

Leabank Square Re-Cycle Centre

For the past few weeks - some residents (& our friends the fly-tippers) have been dumping household junk around the Leabank Square Re-Cycle Centre.

This has led to it being overrun with rats & assorted other vermin. And it has been such a horrible sight for everyone to see.

The Hackney Council Re-Cycle truck then refused to return the bins back to their rightful place - and when I spoke to them last week - they said that they wouldn't until it was all cleared up.

I cleared & swept up today - and it looks a whole heap better - so hopefully we will have a regular service from now on.

But please could we all put any re-cycling actually inside the bins from now on. All the aluminium take-out boxes & cans were still caked in food (hence the vermin) - and there was loads of stuff that are not actually re-cyclable.

And then - of course there was all the fly-tipped stuff as well. For that we just have to be a bit more vigilant. If you ever see any of these vans dumping stuff anywhere in our square - see if you can snap a pic. If we put evidence up here on the blog - maybe a bit of naming & shaming might do the trick.



Lucy said...

Funny how when I asked for something to be posted on the blog about this a good few months back, my request was ignored!

People are STILL doing this. I've just cleaned up a whole heap of bags today.
Honestly, what pigs some of the residents must be to think its perfectly acceptable to dump bags of rotting rubbish in the middle of the square!

Also, a reminder that these bins are NOT for plastic bags.

Anonymous said...

....and someone put some soiled baby nappies on the ground here as well. I can't think that the fly tippers would cart nappies around the wick to dump here, must be someone in the square