Thursday, 9 December 2010

Berkshire Road re-Surface

A we all know - our road is getting a make-over. The council is being very busy re-surfacing Berkshire Road to make it a smoother more pleasant cycle along.

But - it is also in preparation for the Controlled Parking Zone which will be marked out when the asphalting has finished.

Remember the survey back in January? - well this is the result.

The whole of Berkshire Road - and it's extensions - Osborne & Wallis Roads - are to be yellow lined with residents parking spaces. This is to make sure that none of the Olympic workers will use our neighbourhood to park in.

One of the outcomes - is that they start using Leabank Square to park in. So we all need to be more vigilant and take details of anyone abusing our own car park.

Anyhow - I speak as a cyclist - and I for one will enjoy a smoother ride to & from work each day - so thank you Hackney Council.

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