Saturday, 9 April 2011

Jehovas Witnesses Patrol Leabank Towpath

Not just content with waking up Leabank Square residents every Saturday morning - our overly friendly Jehovah's Witnesses are now patrolling the Towpath opposite Leabank Square!

Looks like the Olympic vigilantes have got allies helping them out all along the canal nowdays.

Some cyclists & joggers were telling them where to get off - but a few dog walkers were being friended-up by the Witnesses.

This posting also serves as a gentle reminder to all Leabank Square block residents not to just buzz anyone into the blocks - especially on Saturday mornings. Besides the obvious security risks - the Witnesses are really becoming an incredible nuisance along the corridors.

Oh yes! And when you rip the Watchtower up in their faces - please pick up the pieces after they've left.


Tony said...

Sóna they've just knocked me up a minute ago. Sorry about the mess, I'll clean it up later. Tony

Tom said...

Me too. Told em where to go. Made a good paper plane too.

Anonymous said...

Your towpath tourists look more like young Mormon missionaries doing their overseas stint, rather than Jehovah's Witnesses. (I'm sorry you don't get along with your local JW. The religion is fundamentally wicked in the way it rations salvation, but many of the JWs I've been proselytised by have been pleasant, well-meaning individuals).

Have you been following the latest developments in all this business about the Murdoch Press phone hacking? Some very large compensation payments looming. I trust the ODA are checking the healthiness of their bank balance ahead of any possible claims in that direction. Have Leabank Square been in touch with Mark Lewis?

Wes said...

These posts so very much impress me with the maturity of some Brits meeting Jehovah's Witnesses! Are you all antisocial, or just the wack jobs who don't even know how to spell their name?

redinguy2 said...

I wonder if these folks would be so bold as to treat Jesus the same way they do his modern day disciples...Jesus knocked on doors as did all of his apostles because word of mouth was,is and always will be the best form of advertising. Do you think these people want to be out here on Saturdays? Do you think they don't have lives and would like to be doing something else. Why not ask one why they do this kind of work and don't be to surprised when you learn Jesus COMMANDED THEM TO DO THIS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you don't appreciate someone trying to help you. If everyone was a Jehovah's Witness there would be no crime, litter, hate, or war. I am sorry you don't want to hear about a time when the earth will be a paradise and everyone will dwell in security. Don't talk to them if you don't want to. They won't get mad or be rude to you. At least they display a true Christian attitude toward those that don't believe the way they do. More than I can say about your post.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't Witnesses, they're mormons. You can tell by their ties!

Blood and Property said...

Interesting discussion! This comment might be a bit unfair but then the idea that everything would be ok if we all became jehovah's witnesses doesn't sound like its based on totally solid ground: 'Ten girls and two boys between the ages of 12 and 15 were killed, most shot in the head at point-blank range by 23-year-old Wellington Oliveira, who shot himself dead after being confronted by police.... Oliveira had been a Jehovah's Witness, like his adoptive parents and their other five children, Ms Ferreira said.'

That's just a quick google news search though, may be he'd given it up and wouldn't have done it if he'd still been one?

Tom said...

OMG!!! Sóna you've gawn ahead & dun it again aintcha?! This time the god botherers are gonna give us all the 3rd bloody degree every Saturday now!

I need my lay-in man! Still - if we all stick together & don't answer their knocks they might just get the hint. Did you see the last lot? Sent their tiny kids into the blocks to do the knocking! Social security should get onto em.

Keep up the good fight mate!

Anonymous said...

Those two guys look like thugs and muggers ready to attack a poor old lady. Have you lost your soul? Is this blog really about comunal barbeques? I'd be more scared of those posting their pathetic view of life on this page.

Anonymous said...

Sona, there's something pretty contemptible about your Anonymous contributor seeing fit to look down his/her nose at other people's "pathetic view of life". I presume he/she is part of the petty harassment squad employed to keep you lot irritated. It's his/her paymasters who are responsible for driving people to the point where cold-callers on a Saturday morning are the last straw.

I remember what it was like struggling through a working week while Docklands |Development Corporation were doing their best to help me lose my job. I remember grimly clutching on to the slender hope that the weekend might hold out a little bit of a chance of recovery. And I remember the sheer rage when I was woken up/wound up first thing on Saturday morning by pile-driving or building materials being delivered opposite - followed by the despair of realising that the weekend too was on its way down the drain.

People have the right to a decent existence and that includes a peaceful weekend. No-one has the right to destroy other people's lives in the way the Olympics seems determined to do to you lot. How dare these smug people from ODA / London Communications Agency / Voelker-Fitzgerald profiting from your misery see fit to pass comment on you?

Did you see Darren Johnson's response to the ODA Environment spokesman when he admitted that they'd given up on the promises for a sustainable Green Olympics? I don't suppose you at LBS needed to be told that.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone in Leabank receive the letter this weekend about the LOCOG event tonight. Talk about short notice...filming through the night. that's all we need.

Paul said...

I think I saw an envelope in the communal entrance a couple of days ago that looks like their usual 'we have decided - we don't care what you think' kind of letter.
By the time I came home from work PMMS had cleaned the entrance of everything.
Maybe that was it?
Still I'm sure we could complain to the Hackney noise & light pollution people if it gets out of hand.