Friday, 15 April 2011

Leabank Square Swans Expect Triplets!!

Well a couple of them have decided to make our reedbeds a home. This beautiful twosome have made a huge nest on the floating island - and the penn has now laid 3 eggs.

Dad is fiercly patrolling up & down to make sure that no-one gets too close to their nest. He is having a bit of a rough time with the rowers from the clubs on both sides - and was actually clipped on Sunday.

If you're up on the riverbank while they're rowing past - please give them the heads up about the nest - especially when the cygnets arrive.

Also - please don't go too close to the nest - remember swans are protected species - and as such - it's illegal to interfere with them.

But please enjoy this stunning spectacle of nature being played out right on our own doorstep. It all goes to show that if you create a more diverse environment - nature comes to you!


Anna said...

Nadira, don't they just look beautiful? What's that dance they're doing with their necks rubbing?

Keesha said...

ahhhhh bless!
Via Blackberry