Thursday, 14 April 2011

Olympic 2012 Noise & Dust - Part 1007

I know! Same old same old.

Look at this pathetic sound barrier meant to shield Leabank Square from the demolition of the concrete from the old welfare centre. One resident describes it as a fig leaf, another as a cricket white board (no - me neither), and many other descriptions that I can't post up here.

However you describe it - it doesn't actually work.

They're taking the massive concrete blocks - and jack-hammering them into smaller pieces for the wall - with a pair massive diggers. The noise is absolutely thunderous! Not only is it coming straight over - but we're lucky to get the echo of it bouncing off the hideous media centre as well.

But the worst thing about it all - is that they haven't even attempted to suppress any of Arena Fields with any water at all. We are all swallowing mouthfuls of dust, concrete dust, sand - and whatever contaminates there are taking off from their site!

I know we've been here many times before - but doesn't this just go to show just how arrogantly insignificant the ODA considers its neighbours? A pathetic tiny screen to shield us from any noise - and no water suppression. It's only those oiks over in Hackney Wick - why even bother?!


Tom said...

I doubt they even gave us a seconds thought mate. Bugger the neighbours, we'll do what we want as usual.

Anna said...

I swear the dust is thicker than it has ever been! You can actually see it lifting off Arena Fields and head directly into LBS.
Yesterday I forgot to pull the plug at the end of my bath, and when I got back home in the evening there was a layer of dust in the bath! Disgusting!
Why do they thing they can do all that demolision directly opposite us again? It's like that soil washing fiasco all over again.
I think Kavuma needs another phone call.

Keesha said...

dunno bout you all, but when I blow my nose nowdayz its fulla black gunk from da lympics
Via Blackberry

Anonymous said...

Sona, does your MP have an exemption from representing Hackney Wick? There's never any news about her taking up cudgels on your behalf. Mildred Gordon didn't manage to stop the Docklands juggernaut but at least she was prepared to go into battle with LDDC. You should not be having to endure all this stuff. If Hillier was worth anything she'd be turning up there on the towpath (plus photographer) telling these cynical profiteers what they are and aren't allowed to inflict on the people she's supposed to represent. This stuff you lot are having to endure is simply not tolerable. MPs aren't supposed to be doormats for vested interests.

Paul said...

Sóna what is that bowser doing still riding along the tar road? They should be spraying the entire Arena Fields! The dust is simply lifting off and landing in the square. I can feel it on my teeth!

Anonymous said...
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Fiona said...

Sóna, after todays whirlwind of dust pouring over the canal from Arena Fields, I'm inclined to agree with superlegato. Maybe we should all just get the hell out of here!
It's only a temporary building they're erecting, so after the games we have to go through this all again when they demolish it again!!!
Is the ODA actually trying to get us all to move away? Are they deliberately making our lives an absolute misery just so that Hackney Wick is the security dream ghost town before the games?!
Why have the dust levels risen so badly these past few weeks?
Surely they know that the dry weather makes for more dust? Why can't they simply water everything down?>?????

Su said...

I've just got home and the dust all over the flat is horrendous!!
You should see the kitchen worktop! I've just written a very rude message to the ODA in the dust.
Sóna, please see if they can do something about it if you get a minute?

dee said...

me too. the dust is just too terrible. i might have to stay at my mums this weekend if its sunny. i never thought i'd ever say this but i hope it rains this bank holiday to settle the olympic dust.

Tony said...

Hey Mr Olympics
Why should I have to close all my windows and come back home to a stuffy house just cos you won't mitigate your dust?

Pete said...

I'm so $*&@~# fed up with the ~@#$8& olympics it's not *%#@$ true!!!!!
All this dust!! And to top that, they still have the bleeding speedbumps right oppposite my bedroom window so everytime a bleeding truck goes over them, it's like a cannon going off!!
Just get on with it and put us all up in the holiday inn.

Mary said...

Wonder how much dust I'm going to find in the flat when I get home tonight?
It's so disgusting! The olympics never heard of water or what?

Tony said...

Just look at that, some useless bowswer going along the asphalt road watering it down, behind on Arena Fields massive lorries kicking up dust that blows into my salad.
Is this going to go on all the way through the bank holiday as well?

Keesha said...

OMG! You shud see da dust man, thick as paper
via blackberry

Anonymous said...
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Tom said...

Thanks God those noisy giant screwdrivers have been quiet for a few days. But the sandstorms are so horrible!

Anonymous said...

Why should you have to get out? If Hackney Environmental Health Department can't be bothered to protect your health, go to the police - if the sand is causing a nuisance in your homes it's almost certainly a nuisance on the road as well and a hazard to drivers. You have my sympathy - it must have been grim with the breeze like it's been this weekend. Make sure you get photographs if you can (protecting the camera) - including pictures of memorable messages in the dust indoors. Sport promotes health?

Su said...

I know they haven't reached god-like status (yet!) - so they can't make it rain.
But surely they have a duty to us to mitigate the dust? Surely they must be made to spray water all over Arena Fields and make the dust settle that way?
Just shows their blatant arrogance doesn't it?

Derek said...

cough! splutter! fart! gasp! huck! wheeze! sneeze! expire....

How much longer is this temporary pub going to take to build mate?!

Why can't they just spray the bloody topsoil?! They send a token bowser along every hour, but the next lorry just breaks the crust and we're back to suffocating again!!

Please Sóna, see what you can do for us, the kids are suffering man!


Su said...

Sóna what was all that shooting going on on the Olympic site last night?! I know this is Hackney - but isn't the Olympic site sposed to be heavily guarded?