Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tim Webb RSPB visit to Leabank Square

We were very privileged to have Tim Webb – the Royal Society for Protection of Birds’ Communications Person (http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/members/profile.aspx?UserID=152336) have visit Leabank Square this morning.

He was very impressed with what everyone’s done with the Purple Garden – and even more happy with its attractiveness to birds.

He gave us brilliant advice about the swans, coots & he even discovered that heaps of the House Martins are actually nesting right here in Leabank Square – as well as next to in Gainsborough School.

Tim left some very useful leaflets about gardening in a way that lets nature deal with any pests you may have – so please shout if you want one.

Thanks for the visit Tim – you’re welcome back anytime!


Matt said...

Excellent news Nadira. It's great to have friends in high places. Did you tell him about the vandals attacking the swans?
Did the police get back to you by the way?

Paul said...

Great to have him on side. The more we get people like Tim down to LBS, the more it validates the work we do here.
How many other estates have got a gardening team trying to make things a lot better for everyone else?

Fiona said...

If he comes again please could you tell more of us. I'm sure we all have some birdie quessies to ask him. Ta

Baz said...

This visit was probably a very special request from you guys in LBS, so I suppose if we in Wick Village asked the same, Tim would pop down here as well?
I'm sure the RSPB get zillions of such requests, and it was really nice of Tim to come down and chat, so thanks for passing on his advice.
Aren't these house martins just the ticket for this years annual mozzie fest?!

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