Monday, 17 March 2008

Cherry tree

Here's the new edition to our Leabank Square garden.

A few days ago we planted two cherry trees next to the re-cycle bins in the middle of the square & guess what?!

They're already starting to blossom!!!!!!

In a few short years we will have fantastic huge cherry trees shading our re-cycling area & giving the boring re-cycling bins some much needed colour.

Oh - by the way - if anyone else is interested in planting any more fruit trees in Leabank Square (or around Hackney Wick) - we bought these from Lidl in Well Street - for only £3.99 each!!! What a bargain!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This seems the best idea I've ever seen to camoflage those drab and boring looking bins.

I would have thought that Hackney Council could have made them more attactive.

But anyway - Leabank Square will have the best looking re-cycling area ever!