Monday, 17 March 2008

New neighbours!!!

Hey all you Leabankers!!! The new travellers site at the beginning of Wallis Road is finally complete & our new neighbours have all moved in!!

I know that many of us met our new neighbours at the series of meetings at the community centre over the past few months - well - now we can finally wave to them as we go over the footbridge to Viccie Park!!

The new development looks a bit concrete at the moment - but you must just hear the exciting plans everyone has for the gardens!!!

It is soon going to look like an oasis!!

Anyhow - we will all be able to meet each other in a more relaxed way in July as Leabank Square has invited our brand new neighbours over for a barbie!! Watch this space!!


Jackie said...

I agree with you - the landscaping is looking brilliant!

I can't wait for the plants and trees to mature. It will bring so much green to Wallis Road. Can't Hackney Council extend all the planting along Wallis and Berkshire Roads.

It would make us all feel a lot better about walking, cycling & driving around our own neighbourhood.

I know the travellers site is right next to the A12 & the North London Line, so must be noisy. But at least it has loads of new plants to make it feel greener.


Luke said...

Hi, Luke here

I hope someone is asking Hackney Council about what you suggested.

I cycle over the bridge, but live over in Homerton, who is your local councillor.

Shouldn't you ask them to look into extending the amazing planting, not just through the Wick, but all the way to Clapton Pond!

Great blog by the way.

Gill said...

Hey Sóna

We cycled that way this past weekend, and I see what you mean!

Please can you ask Councillor Christing for the contact in Hackney's tree department, and then beg them to do the same for Leabank Square & Trowbridge. That would be great for cycling or walking down Berkshire Road.